You’re 15 and Pregnant… What Now? Teen Pregnancy and Adoption in New York

An unplanned pregnancy can happen at any point in our lives. Many people think of it on a surface level, but it causes a significant shift to your everyday life, no matter your age. When you find out you’re expecting a baby, it fills your mind with all the responsibilities and duties you will have as a parent. But what happens when you’re 15 and pregnant and still a child yourself?

There tons of stigmas surrounding teen pregnancies, but you do not have to go through that alone. There are plenty of options that you can still use to plan for the future of yourself and the baby. 

Keep reading to discover if adoption is right for you, other valid options, and what to expect in the future. 

The 3 Options You Have

When you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy, there are three main choices you have. You can choose to raise the baby and remain a part of their lives as their mother, place the baby up for adoption, or you can terminate the pregnancy. 

These are all valid options that only one person can make, and that person is YOU. With the right knowledge, only you can make the best decision for the future of you and your baby. 

You may feel out of control in this situation or have no say in how this started, but you can control how it will end. As the birth mother, you have the control. Once you are aware of these three options, now is the time to delve deeper into what each one consists of. 

Research, Research, Research 

No matter what decision you make, ease your mind by making an informed one. That way, you will feel comforted knowing that you tried and educated yourself in every possible avenue. It will give you the confidence you need, and you will see that you made the best decision for yourself and the baby. 

Look up successful teen pregnancy stories where the mother pushed through and kept her baby if you want to consider that. 

Speak with a medical professional if you aim to terminate the pregnancy. 

You can also set up an appointment to speak to an adoption professional or social worker to determine if adoption will work best for you.

Have an External Perceptive

At the age of 15, your life is just beginning. You are looking at colleges or possible career options for yourself. An average teenager’s life has unique stressors like boys, class performance, how those people view you, and how close you and your friends are. An unexpected pregnancy can complicate life even further. With that in mind, take time to see and understand your situation fully. There is a lot to consider here. 

While you are educating yourself on the options, also be sure to add external factors that will contribute to your transition to motherhood or otherwise before making a final decision, clear things up with the father of the child and your family. 

Your parents and/or the baby’s father may be supportive and help you care for your child while you get your diploma. You might have friends that step up and support you no matter your choice. 

If you do not have these things to your advantage, you have with termination or adoption. Both choices are up to your discretion. Again, you may make the best decision for you and the baby, factor in your concerns and beliefs before anybody else’s. 

Before making any rash decision, try to give adoption a chance. You will have the opportunity to provide a loving, adoptive family with a beautiful child to care for. In today’s world, adoption does not require the birth mother to disappear from the child’s life if she doesn’t want to. You can still have a strong, pivotal role in the child’s life. That way, he or she will know that they were well-loved before their adoption. As they mature and get older, they will have confidence knowing that you are providing the best care by placing them up for adoption. 

Making a Confident Adoption Decision When You’re 15 and Pregnant  

No matter what option you choose, have confidence in it. As the birth mother, you have the control and authority in this situation. Even if it does not seem that way, you can select the best resolution for you and the baby. It is a task that only you can effectively accomplish, so have faith within yourself. 

If you have any questions regarding adoption, the process, or the different kinds, feel free to take a look at our other blog articles. Also, don’t be shy! Reach out to us at Adoption Choices of New York, and speak with one of our adoption professionals. 

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