Women Considering Adoption in New York Have Gone By Many Names

Adoption has been around since the mid 1800s and though much has changed since its origin the women who have considered and gone on their own adoption journey have had many labels. In our modern society there are different names to help outline the distinct separation of birth mothers and expectant or pregnant women. No matter where you’re at in your adoption journey your questions and concerns are important! If you’re thinking about adoption or are ready to begin your adoption journey contact us at Adoption Choices of New York. We’re here to help expectant mothers and birth mothers with anything you need.

What is a Birth Mother?

Women considering adoption in New York have gone by many namesbut the term birth mother is the most common. However, if you’re still considering adoption and have not placed yet you are not actually a birth mother. That may seem confusing because there are so many other terms women considering adoption have been labeled with but within the adoption process this meaning holds true in any agency. A birth mother is a mother who has already placed her child.

Some women do not prefer the term birth mother because the relationship between you and your child goes far beyond the birth. You are a mother whose heart is filled with a tremendous amount of love for your child. Placing your child for adoption does not sever the meaning of the word mother. That is why some women prefer using alternatives to birth mother or birth mom.

What is an Expectant Mother?

Women considering adoption in New York have gone by many namesand these labels begin before the adoption process even begins! Expectant mothers are women who are considering adoption or have begun their adoption journey but have not placed the child. The term expectant mother includes you no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. It is completely fine to begin your adoption journey further along or right when you confirm your pregnancy. Everyone has a different timeline. You may want to know more about the process of choosing the adoptive family or want to speak with someone who has gone through the adoption process themselves before deciding. As the expectant mother you are in complete control.

Are There Alternatives For “Birth Mother”?

Biological mother or biological mom is a commonly used alternative title to birth mother. This title doesn’t break apart the connection your child has with their adoptive family but keeps you in the place of ‘mother’ despite not raising your child. It is a clear distinction that serves families and the biological mother well in cases of open or semi-open adoption. Using positive language around a child placed for adoption is incredibly important especially when you are still a part of their life. Biological mother or biological mom allows them to know the connection when he or she is old enough to understand without causing confusion.

Are There Alternatives For “Expectant Mother”?

There are a few terms in the positive language of adoption that can be used for expectant mother. Expectant mother is a common term but you may also hear the term pregnant woman. This can sometimes be more comfortable if you are considering or have already chosen to place your child for adoption. They both carry the same meaning but some women prefer one to the other. Expectant woman is another title used to describe a woman who is pregnant and considering adoption. Excluding the word mother from the title is preferred by some women, but it all comes down to individual feelings and wants. If you prefer a certain term just let your adoption specialist know!

Does Language Around Adoption Really Matter?

Yes! Framing adoption in a positive light is an important aspect of your child’s life after placement. Adoption is not something to be ashamed of! Your child’s sense of self will be rounded with the knowledge that their birth mother or biological mother, depending on what you prefer, made the best decision for them. A decision based on love and devotion.

The Adoption Titles May Be Different but the Meaning is the Same

Are you considering adoption or ready to start your adoption journey? Whether you prefer being called an expectant mother, biological mother or pregnant woman beginning your adoption journey does not have to be a step you take by yourself. Contact us at Adoption Choices of New York.

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