Will I regret placing my child for adoption in NY?

All of the biggest decisions in life come with the chance for regret. Wandering minds lead to doubts as you walk through different doors in your head that lead to various outcomes had you made a different choice. It’s human to have these feelings, to wonder, what if? Regrets are natural, but they aren’t permanent. At Adoption Choices of New York, we’ll help you feel confident in your decision to place your baby for adoption in NY. We won’t pressure you into a decision. Our specialists will provide you with all of the facts about adoption so that you feel informed and ready to make your choice. We’ll even provide you with adoption counselors and support groups where you can talk through everything you’re feeling with people who understand.

Regrets are always possible, no matter how confident you feel. But it’s our job to support you so that you can make the best decision for you and your baby. And that when you feel doubtful, you know how to handle those feelings so that they do not consume you. In the right hands and with the right New York adoption plan for you, you’ll feel secure in your decision.

Even when you wonder what life would look like with your child if you had made other choices, you’ll remind yourself why you chose adoption. The thing about regrets is that you’ll never really know what would have happened if you chose something different. It’s important to focus on what you know. What you will know is that through adoption, we will place your child with a loving adoptive family who will provide your child with the life you’ve envisioned for them.

How do I avoid adoption regrets?

The best way to avoid regrets is to feel confident. But that’s easier said than done. The good thing is that there are steps you can follow to get to a confident place. Our adoption agency in New York provides birth mothers with resources that help people get to that place where they don’t feel regret as strongly. As an agency, our goal is to support birth mothers throughout the New York adoption process.

  • Inform yourself about all your options. When you’re considering adoption, make sure you inform yourself about all options before you make a choice. Once you’ve researched all your choices, it can help to make a pros and cons list of each decision so that you can compartmentalize everything. Through your list, you’ll visualize the outcomes of everything you might decide, balancing the scales to the best choice.
  • Reach out to the adoption agency before you decide. It can be affirming to reach out to your chosen adoption agency before you choose adoption. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. You should never feel like you’re left in the dark or colliding into a choice. Asking questions can leave you feeling empowered and confident in whatever your next step is. It can also help you feel comfortable that you’ve chosen the right type of adoption for you.
  • Use the adoption agency’s resources. At our New York adoption agency, we provide many resources to our birth mothers so that they feel confident, supported, and secure. Our adoption counselors will help you with this, talking you through all your doubts, thoughts, and fears. We also can connect you with adoption support groups full of other birth mothers like you. Our agency and your chosen adoptive family will also support you financially, relieving you of any financial stress during your pregnancy. You should have as little stress as possible during your pregnancy.
  • Remind yourself why you chose adoption in NY. When you have regrets, it’s important to remember why you made this choice. More than likely, you chose adoption because you don’t feel ready to be the parent that your child needs. You can see an outcome where your child is happy and healthy with an adoptive family that can give him or her a chance at a bright future. You made this decision out of love for your child. That’s a brave and honorable choice. Focusing on the reasons behind your choices and the positives that have come of them will help your doubts wither away.

Feel Confident When You Choose Adoption in NY

At Adoption Choices of New York, we know that birth mothers are strong, brave women who love their children. They choose adoption because they see a better life for their children, and they’re hopeful that the right adoptive family will provide the best love and care. Regrets are natural; feelings are what make you human, and it’s okay to feel regretful from time to time. But when you feel confident with your choice and have the support of a great agency, you can remind yourself why you placed your baby for adoption. We believe in you! We’ll do all we can to help you make a confident, informed decision.

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