Why Teenage Birth Moms Choose Adoption

When people think of adoption, often teenage pregnancy is the first thing that comes to mind. The truth is, not all teenagers who become pregnant choose adoption. Despite any misconceptions about teenage pregnancy, the teenage birth mom isn’t just a character in a Freeform show. These are real people with thoughts and feelings, and the ability to make their own choices. 

One teenager might choose to raise her baby; she’s got the support she needs and feels comfortable enough to raise her child despite any challenges. Another might choose to end her pregnancy, knowing she is not ready to raise a child, nor is she ready to put her body through the stress of pregnancy. And some teenage birth moms choose adoption; she is willing to bring her baby to term and sees adoption as her and her child’s best choice. 

However, not all teenage birth mothers come to adoption for the same reason. At Adoption Choices of New York, we accept and support you in your choice to place your baby for adoption as a pregnant teen in NY.

  • Her Family Cannot Help with the Baby

An important aspect of raising a child, especially while a teenager, is help from family. The father may not be willing to help raise the child for a multitude of reasons, and the birth mom likely has a busy schedule as it is, especially if she is still in school. However, not all families can help. They may be unwilling, or simply do not have enough time or resources to support the birth mom. This could leave any birth mom, but especially a teenage birth mom, unable to raise her child. It makes sense that she would choose adoption, which would provide at least one parent who is ready and able to raise her child. 

  • She Wants to Focus on Her Future Goals

In high school, there’s so much pressure on the future. How can a teenage birth mom look towards her personal future knowing that she has a child to care for? Instead of keeping her eye on her own success, her time is filled with everything her child might need. Some birth mothers manage to focus on goals and raising a child at the same time, and that’s great! But without the right support, it can be incredibly difficult. And if she’s in high school, she likely wants her diploma. She has friends, extracurriculars, and normal high school moments like prom

These goal-oriented teenage birth moms choose adoption so they might focus 100% on their life and goals, knowing there is a better time to raise a child. 

  • She is Not in a Stable Relationship

Many birth mothers, both teenage and older, desire to be in a stable relationship when the time comes to raise a child. They see themselves as part of a two-parent household in the future and do not wish to raise a child alone. While some mothers raise great children by themselves, others wish to have a partner. Or, she is in a relationship but knows neither she nor her partner is ready to raise a child together. Ultimately, these teenage birth moms choose adoption either because they believe their child will be happier in a two-parent household, or because they believe they will have more success as a two-parent team.

  • She Wants to Place Her Baby with a Family Who can Care for Her Child

It takes time, energy, desire, and financial readiness to raise a child. As a teenage birth mother, it is extremely unlikely that she has all of these aspects. And that’s okay! As a teenager, there are so many other aspects of life to focus on, and it’s nearly impossible to be ready for a child at this time, especially on your own. This is why adoption is likely to be a reasonable option for teenage birth mothers. 

Many teenage birth mothers likely see themselves as mothers at some point in their lives, after they’ve graduated high school, then college, then become ready. That’s a lot of time after life as a teenager. So it makes sense that teenage birth moms choose adoption as opposed to raising their child. They know that there is a financially secure family who has the time and energy, and who is ready. 

We Support Your Adoption Choice as a Pregnant Teen

At Adoption Choices of New York, we support your choice no matter what it is. But if you do choose adoption, we will never judge you. We are here to support you throughout your adoption journey. Whatever your reason is for adoption, we’ll always understand your decision and trust your ability to make your own choices. 

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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She enjoys sharing vital information about adoption and birth mothers choosing adoption to families making important choices for their future family! 

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