Who Will Adopt My Baby in New York?

Adoption agencies in NYC do their best to find the right adoptive family. As a birth mother or pregnant woman looking into putting a baby up for adoption, it can be overwhelming, you might even wonder who will adopt my baby? Many expectant women who are considering placing their child for adoption don’t know much about the adoption process. That can lead to very valid and understandable worry in regards to the adoptive family. At Adoption Choices of New York, we employ the very best adoption professionals that will guide you through your adoption journey. We’re here to make the life you’ve pictured for your child come to fruition.

What Happens in New York Adoption?

There are a lot of fine details that go into a New York adoption plan but don’t worry. You won’t be doing it alone! Having an adoption professional help you along the way provides a system of support and a wealth of knowledge during your adoption journey. Every state in the US has various laws regarding adoption. In New York, the birth mother is able to make each decision regarding the New York adoption process. That means you will decide what kind of adoption you would like and the adoptive family.

There are three types of adoption to choose from, two of which come with various lines and amounts of communication between yourself, your child, and the adoptive family. Closed adoption is, as it sounds, completely closed. Choosing a closed adoption does not mean you love or care for your child any less than a birth mother who has decided on open or semi-open adoption. Every birth mother has different needs, and no situation is the same.

Open adoptions allow communication chosen by you through your adoption plan between yourself and your child directly. Length and type are decided upon by you prior to placement. A semi-open allows limited communication like letters between yourself and your child or their adoptive family via a third party.

New York State does not allow birth mothers to give up parental rights until after the baby is born. You have thirty days to rescind giving up parental rights if you change your mind about adoption, and you can change your mind prior to placement too.

  • Adoptive Families

It’s completely understandable to worry about who will be raising your child! This is why the selection process is extremely important and completely up to you. The more detail added about the ideal adoptive family, the easier it can be to match the family with your profile. Details can include where they live and if they have other children, their religion and political party choice, or their sexual orientation. The life you’ve envisioned for your child can be laid out piece by piece to help you and your adoption professional find the best adoptive family.

Couples who cannot conceive their own children are not the only families who adopt. Sometimes families who have biological children just want to adopt a baby to complete their family. Gay and lesbian families who do not want to use a surrogate or sperm donor can choose to adopt instead. There is a myriad of families from all different dynamics that choose to adopt a child, and sometimes families will adopt two or three children as time goes on. It truly comes down to what type of life and family you want your child to have.

  • Adoptive Siblings

Families who cannot have biological children sometimes return to adoption in order to have more than one child in the home. Having other adopted siblings can be a great thing for your child. They will grow up knowing that family does not always have to mean blood. Even though you love your child the way every mother does, they are able to find love from their adoptive family and siblings too.

There are families who adopt and continue to try to have their own biological children as well. This does not mean they won’t love your child if they do end up pregnant, but if you’re worried, you can add that any prospective adoptive families cannot be trying to get pregnant prior to or after placement. If you’re unsure about this specific situation, you can always speak with your adoption professional to get resources to connect with other birth mothers who have already placed their child.

Adoptive Families in New York

Putting your baby up for adoption is not an easy choice. Your love for your child remains even if you are not the one raising him or her. This is why at Adoption Choices of New York, we strive to make the adoption process as easy and stress-free as possible. We can help you decide what details about the adoptive family are important and what type of dynamic you think will be best for your child. Are you considering adoption but want to know more about who will adopt your baby? Contact us! We’d love to help you in any way we can.

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