What You Should Know About The Adoption Process in NY

Pregnancies can come unexpectedly and turn your world upside down. There are a few routes for expectant mothers to take, one of them being adoption. Are you wondering, “What happens if I’m considering adopting my baby out in New York?”. You’re not alone. Plenty of expectant mothers have questions about the adoption process in NY. At Adoption Choices of New York, we are here to help lead you through how the process of adoption works and answer any questions you may have. We offer help with locating financial assistance and counseling to pregnant women considering adoption as well. 

The Basics About the Adoption Process in NY

Adoption in New York state allows the birth mother to make all of the choices in regards to the adoption plan. This includes choosing the adoptive family, choosing the type of adoption, if the family will be in the room during delivery, and so on. Birth mothers are in full control in order to ensure the baby will have the life you envision for him or her. It is a long process, and it can be overwhelming, but adoption professionals are here to help. There are a lot of decisions to make, but in the end, the adoption process in NY is made to keep you, the birth mother, in control to curate the best situation for your unborn child. 

One of the choices you will have to make is which type of adoption you would like to proceed with. The three standard adoptions are open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Semi-open and open adoptions are becoming more common in modern adoption. In a semi-open adoption, the adoption agencies will act as a third party between you and the adoptive family in regard to contact between yourself and the child. Letters, pictures, emails, and phone calls are facilitated through your chosen adoption agency to ensure privacy for both parties involved.

  • Types Of Adoption

Open adoptions are a much broader form of adoption in terms of communication. As stated before, you are in control and decide what kind of communication you would like prior to picking out an adoptive family. Open adoptions can include face-to-face contact, visits, emails, letters, phone calls, and photos between yourself and the child without a third party. 

Both forms of adoption are legal contracts between yourself and the adoptive family. Although, in New York, you will not sign over your parental rights until after the child is born. Once the child is placed and everything is signed, the adoptive family must abide by the rules you have set out and all agreed upon in the adoption plan prior to placement. If, however, the adoptive family believes you are a danger to the child, they can legally withhold visitation and communication if proved to a judge or court. 

  • Parental Rights

After the child is placed, even if you have signed away the parental rights, you have up to forty-five days to change your mind if the surrender agreement was signed outside of court. Some birth mothers sign the agreement in court, but that will erase your legal ability to change your mind even within the forty-five-day period. You are not able to change your mind legally after the forty-five-day period either. After the forty-five-day period is over, if you change your mind, you may have to prove to a court or judge that you are a better fit than the adoptive family. 

  • Dissolving Parental Rights

If you’re married, both you and your spouse must agree to sign away your parental rights in order for the adoption to continue. If you are in a situation where your husband or spouse is abusive or a danger to yourself and your unborn child, you may ask a judge to dissolve their parental rights. The safety of you and your unborn child comes first. Tell your adoption professional right away if you are in a dangerous situation and need help with housing or with financial aid.

Are you unsure of who the father is or have no way of contacting him? That won’t halt the process. In most cases, if the father is not able to be found or more than one person could be the father, then you are able to proceed with the adoption. 

Know Your Adoption Rights in New York

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