The Difference between Newborn Adoption and Infant Adoption in New York

Figuring out all of the adoption lingo and the distinction between different terms can be tricky. What’s more, with the massive amount of information available all over the internet, it can feel like you are drowning. Fortunately, understanding the difference between newborn and infant adoption in New York is pretty simple. In fact, these two forms of adoptions are more similar than they are different. 

In both newborn and infant adoption, a biological mother is making the best decision for herself and her child based on their unique circumstances. Whether you are considering infant or newborn adoption, we are here to support you on your journey.

Difference between Newborn Adoption and Infant Adoption

The main distinction between these two types of adoption is determined by when you decide to place your baby up for adoption. In New York, a newborn adoption is when a pregnant woman makes the decision to put her child up for adoption at any time during her pregnancy or when she gives birth at the hospital. However, the adoption can’t be finalized until after the baby is born.

An infant adoption happens later in the baby’s life. This happens when a baby is placed for adoption anywhere between the ages of 1 month and 12 months old. So, an infant adoption can occur at any point after a baby’s hospital stay and before they reach toddler age.

Although the age of the baby is the main indicator between newborn and infant adoption, there are a few other common differences as well.

Newborn Adoption in New York

Newborn adoptions are usually the result of an unexpected pregnancy. Women may realize they aren’t ready to raise a child, so they decide that adoption is best for them. Even though newborn adoption is decided upon earlier, it doesn’t mean birth mothers don’t still struggle with guilt or doubt throughout the adoption process. 

Most newborn adoptions are decided upon at some point during a woman’s gestation, so a birth mother will often spend parts of her pregnancy working on her adoption plan. Some tasks she might do while pregnant are:

  • Decide if she wants an open, semi-open or closed adoption
  • Select an adoptive family
  • Make a plan for the relationship she will have with her adoptive family after the adoption is finalized
  • Create a birth plan
  • Meet with adoption counselors to help her through her adoption journey

If you are considering adoption as a pregnant woman, you’re not alone. Your feelings are valid and only you can decide whether adoption is the right choice for you.

Infant Adoption in New York

Infant adoption often occurs when a woman decides to try to raise her child but ultimately decides it isn’t working. It can be confusing to have taken your baby home and to still feel like it isn’t working out. People around you may be telling you to stick it out for your baby or that you will, “find a way.” But if you feel like that is not a possibility, you should do what is best for you and your child.

If you are currently raising an infant and are considering adoption, it does not make you a failure or a bad person. If you do not have the resources, time, or support necessary to raise a child, putting your child up for adoption is a choice that will benefit you both.

If you are in a tough spot and feel like you don’t have the ability to take care of your child, it is not too late to reach out for assistance. 

Adoption is an Option in New York State

Whether you are pregnant and looking to find an adoptive family, or you are caring for an infant wondering whether it is too late to find an adoptive family — adoption is an option. Adoption Choices of New York can assist you with both newborn and infant adoption, so feel free to reach out to learn more.

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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