What If The NY Adoptive Family Doesn’t Want To Adopt My Baby?

Unexpected pregnancies or unplanned pregnancy can happen to anyone. If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, it’s completely normal to have a myriad of feelings and worries surrounding your choice. At Adoption Choices of New York, our adoption professionals are here to create a welcoming and judgment-free environment for expectant mothers. Regardless of if you’re still unsure about choosing adoption, we want to help answer your questions and address concerns you may have. 

NYC Adoption Laws

Adoption agencies in New York are required to follow specific state laws in relation to the way adoptions are conducted. There can be no exchange of money for the child between you and the adoptive family. However, if stipulated in the contract, they may help you with pregnancy-related necessities. Some adoptive families want to help pay for prenatal appointments or maternity clothes, but it varies from person to person. These are legal and acceptable ways for the adoptive family to help support you and their future child. 

In New York, the birth mother cannot sign over parental rights until after the child is born. Depending on what you decide in your adoption and delivery plan, the adoptive family can immediately begin care in the hospital. Some birth mothers choose to spend time with the baby for a little before physical placement. Ultimately, it is all up to how you personally feel and what you want.

Selecting Adoptive Families 

Expectant mothers choosing adoption are often filled with worry that the adoptive family will suddenly change their minds. That is why vetting prospective adoptive families is a major part of your adoption plan. Adoption agencies in New York offer guidance from an adoption professional to help you through theNew York adoption process. As the birth mother, you are the one deciding what type of family you want for your child. 

Selecting the adoptive family can include a variety of specific details or just a few broad requirements. You can select families based on size, religion, location, or political alignment if those are some major important factors to you specifically. Choosing the adoptive family is a momentous occasion. Take your time and don’t feel you need to rush through the process, or you can’t change your mind about certain details later on, as long as no contract has been signed. 

Adoptive Families and Infertility

Not every prospective adoptive family chooses to adopt due to infertility, but for those who experience infertility, some adoption agencies in New York require counseling. Having the prospective family go through counseling to help the transition from fertility treatments to adoption gives the prospective family time to decide if they want to adopt, keep trying, or do both at the same time. 

Technically, prospective adoptive families can continue trying for their own biological child. This can be unsettling to birth mothers, and if you are worried prospective adoptive families will change their minds if they get pregnant, you can exclude them from your search. Not all families attempting to have a biological child will halt the adoption. However, they have the legal right to. Most adoption agencies have the option for the adoptive family to freeze their contract for nine months. 

It comes down to what you are ultimately comfortable with. Speak with your adoption professional if you’re concerned. Some agencies do not allow adoptive families to freeze their contracts at all. If the agency simply puts in your adoption plan, you do not want families trying to conceive while pursuing adoption. This eliminates the possibility of a contract freeze due to pregnancy. 

Adoptive Family Rights

As the birth mother, you have the right to change your mind before placement and up to forty-five days after placement to decide you want to reinstate your parental rights. Adoptive families can still pull out of adoption post-placement, but there are multiple steps to go through. It can be intimidating and scary to think about, but that is why there is so much emphasis on vetting and getting to know any prospective adoptive families.

Many families seeking to adopt do so because, in their hearts, they want to give their adoptive child the best possible life. Adoptive families seek to create their ideal family, knowing that you have made a selfless decision to place your child for adoption. 

Adoptive Families and Your Child

Still have questions or concerns about the adoption process? Considering placing your baby for adoption? Contact us at Adoption Choices of New York. If you’re worried about prospective adoptive families changing their minds, we’re here to help you understand what is done in that situation and what options are available.  

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. If you are are facing a teen pregnancy, or if you are a pregnant woman in her 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or older, Contact Us 24/7: 800-505-8592 (Phone) | 518-478-8420 | Click to Email

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