What if NY Adoptive Family Doesn’t Love My Baby as Their Own

 By Eric Somarriba

The adoptive family may be the biggest fear of any birth mother placing their child for adoption. While the driving force of both ends of adoption is love, it can still be a great risk. Putting your baby up for adoption usually means you’re giving them the life you aren’t able to give them. As such, you want to know the family that will raise your child will love them like their own. We know you want what’s best for your child, your fears are valid, and we understand. It can be tough to go through the selection process to find a good family, so we’re here. Adoption Choices of New York is here to help you through every part of the adoption process. Our adoption agencies in NYC and beyond have guided women through their unplanned pregnancies and adoptions for over 17 years. Finding the adoptive family is the most important part of the process, and we work hard to accomplish that. We will show how much care goes into the process and alleviate your fears.

 The Adoption Plan

When you begin contact with us, you will meet with an adoption specialist to consult you on the process. Once that is done, we will help create your adoption plan, which you are completely in control of. Here, you can cater your adoption to the exact way you want it to go. This covers every part of adopting out your baby, but one of the earliest aspects to accomplish is the choosing of the family. You can create the image of the life you want for your child and control every detail, big or small. Bigger details may include where the family lives and plans for other children. Smaller details may be wanting a specific kind of family down things like their religious or political beliefs and careers.

These are important and permanent decisions, so taking your time and thinking through it all is highly important. But know you’re not alone. Our adoption agencies provide professionals and counselors to help through every step. While we want you in control above all else, an outside perspective can sometimes be useful with decisions like these. When you finalize your decisions, our job to search for fitting families begins.

Connecting with the Families

When we come to you after finding families that fit your desires, you’ll have the chance to choose from them. First, we’ll give you profiles of each family, going over who they are and how they fit into your vision. This will give you a chance to get a good look into them and see who fits. Profiles are important to look through, but true human connection may help you make the best decision. To do so, you may want to engage in interviews with some of the families hoping to adopt your baby.

Our adoption agencies in NYC and beyond can connect you with waiting families either in-person or online to interview them. A family may look good on paper, but you may not click with them in person, and that’s okay. You know what you want for your child, and it’s our job to connect you with families that will work. No question is off the table at these interviews. You can ask whatever you want to make your decision. Your questions may include more details on their family history and specifics on how they want to raise your baby. Ask whatever you need to know to have faith in your child’s future with the chosen family.

Once you come to a decision, you’ll also have to decide your adoption method. Open or semi-open adoption will allow you to continue contact with your chosen family after the adoption. While a closed adoption means contact will cease after the adoption completes. Adoption Choices of New York believes an open adoption has the most benefits, including potential future contact with your child. But ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, only what you think is best for yourself and your baby.

Will the Adoptive Family Love My Child Like Their Own?

We cannot guarantee an exact answer to this question, so plenty of faith and belief is vital. However, your concern is understandable and only proves the love you will always have for your baby. Birth mothers worry about this plenty, even those who still have contact with the family. To try and assuage your fears, think about it from the perspective of the family. Some families pursue adoption because they cannot have their own biological children, and adoption is one of their only options. So, for them, this is one of the few chances they have to be parents. Others may already have their own children but want the opportunity to give another child the love they deserve.

Either way, faith is important. Try to have faith in us and the adoption process, and faith in yourself that you made the best choice. We hope that you’re confident in your child’s future once we complete the adoption.

Finding the Best Family With Adoption Choices in New York

Adoption Choices of New York lets you control your adoption because you know what’s best for you. We are here to help ensure your child has a loving family and a bright future. We understand your concerns and will guide you through overcoming them all. Reach out to us through our adoption agencies in Albany and other New York areas to begin your adoption journey.

 Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, or email us; we are here for you!

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