What can You Expect to See in Adoptive Parent Profile Books as a Birth Mother?

Deciding on the adoptive parents for your child is the most important part of the adoption process in NY. Browsing through hundreds of adoptive parents doesn’t sound intimate, but adoptive parents actually pour time and effort to make their adoption profiles informational and personal. 

Adoption parent profile books are the best way for the adoptive families to give you as much information at once to help you determine if they are a good fit for what you desire for your child’s future. If you are unsure about what these profile books are and what information they’ll include, here are some of the aspects you can expect to find.

What’s Important to You?

The adoption process usually involves multiple profiles to be combed through to start and the task itself can be extremely taxing. Knowing what you’re looking for can aid in the process and ease some of the stress off of going through hundreds and hundreds of profiles. If you’re firm on your child living in the suburbs you won’t have to read through adoptive parent profiles that live in the city. Firmly deciding these small, but important details help minimize how many adoptive parent profiles you’ll be looking at.

1. Family Size and Type
Do you want them to be an only child or have siblings? Many profiles include family size, especially if they already have other children or plan on adopting and/or having more children. This information will help you decide if they’re a good fit or not, solely based on how you imagine your child’s life will go. 

Adoptive families will put a diverse amount of detail and information in about their immediate family along with size. From their religion (if they practice), values, traditions and anything else they felt important to share with you. Do they think family time is important and should be regimented or are they more free spirited? Details regarding the structure of the family are usually included, but if you want more detail or something specific make sure to write it down so there is no grey area.

2. Photos
Some birth mothers want the adoptive parents and family to resemble the birth family to minimize any negative feelings about adoption. A large portion of adoptive parents put photos of themselves, their family, their pets and hobbies in their profile book to give you a vivid depiction of what your child’s life will look like. 

If looks don’t matter, photos still give a physical connection to the adoptive parents along with the words they’ve written. It can be hard to imagine what people are like solely based off of paper so photos are used to make the entire experience more personal.

3. Personal Stories
Is it important for you to place your child with a family who cannot conceive their own child? Do you want your child placed with parents that have overcome their own personal obstacles or a family that hasn’t seen as much hardship? Everyone has a story, including your child’s potential adoptive parents. Putting their own unique journeys in the profile book is not uncommon and a very honest way for adoptive couples and individuals to connect with you.

Establishing a deep relationship is something that comes with time, but many adoptive parents want to start that journey from the very beginning. You may find yourself relating to their story or that something they’ve been through resonates deeply. You can always delve deeper into an adoptive family if you’re interested and want more details.

4. Hobbies and Interests
When you picture your child growing up, do you imagine them going on hikes or fun adventures in the mountains? Or are they just hanging out on a Saturday watching cartoons? 

Adoptive parent profile books include little blurbs of what daily life is like for the couple or individual. Some adoptive parents will put in what they’d like to do with the child like playdates, family vacations, or extra curricular activities. This can be a good indicator of a potential match if it’s important for you to get your child involved to get into hobbies or talents at a young age.

Choosing Your Child’s Adoptive Family as a Birth Mother

Families are all different from dynamics to values, but that’s what can make the adoption process heartwarming. Finding adoptive parents who check the boxes of what’s important to you means you’ll be able to provide the life for your child that you’ve envisioned. 

Vetting processes are thorough and time consuming, but it’s the extra little details that help you decide between two or three families that have caught your eye. Adoptive parent profile books are a key tool meant to help you search for and choose the best adoptive family for your child. 

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