Ways Placing a Baby for Adoption can Change Your Life

Adoption in NY can be one of the toughest decisions a woman makes. Try to remember you are not “giving up” on your child or making a selfish decision by choosing adoption. In fact, placing your baby up for adoption is one of the most caring and altruistic decisions a birth mother can make. You’re giving your child a loving home and providing him or her with opportunities you may not be able to give him or her on your own. There is nothing selfish about that! 

Placing a baby for adoption can change your life too.

Giving Your Child and Yourself a Chance
Everyone’s lives are unique in experiences and situations, but it is not always a positive thing. Many women who consider adoption feel they and or their current situation is not ideal for a happy, healthy child. There are a lot of things that are out of our control as individuals, and if you’re in a situation where things are not stable for yourself, placing a baby for adoption may be the better call for both you and your baby. Your child will be given a healthy, stable life with adoptive parents, matching the love you have for your child. 

Adoption can also give you a chance at creating a stable, healthy life for yourself that will benefit your relationship with your child in the long run.

Choosing Life and Love
Pregnancy can be unexpected regardless of the precautions you’re taking. There is nothing shameful about the natural flow of life! Placing a baby for adoption is making a choice to bring a new little life into the world and ensure your child has all the love and care he or she deserves. Taking care of a child is life-changing and there is no shame in not being ready financially, emotionally or otherwise. Not only are you putting your child first, but you’re also giving a bundle of love and happiness to another family. Adoptive parents’ lives are changed for the better from the moment your child is placed with them.

Creating an Unexpected Relationship
Modern adoptions are, for the most part, open or semi-open. You are still able to have a relationship with your child, and you’ll be forming a close bond with the adoptive parents as well. Think of it as extending your family! There are many ways to keep up communication with both your child and their adoptive parents. Depending on the type of adoption you want, you’ll be able to send letters, emails, talk on the phone. Some birth mothers even see their child on special occasions.

Discovering a New Side of Yourself
There is an underrated strength that birth mothers have. While adoption changes the life of your child, placing a baby for adoption can change your life in ways you weren’t expecting. Strength and resilience you didn’t know you had can appear in these tough circumstances. The strength of letting your child go in order to provide the best life for them. Resilience in the face of hardship. Selflessness in the wake of an emotionally exhausting situation. You are strong for your child. Many women are unaware of their inner strength until put in a situation that calls for it.

Learning Love
Birth mothers have a special kind of love for their child. The traditions of motherhood associated with love are not something birth mothers experience, but the connection and love is just as deep. Letting go of your child in order for them to have the best life possible is a new type of love that cannot be recreated in any other circumstance. You may experience different feelings tied to love that change your perspective on it as a whole. If you’ve never felt true love, there may be this ‘ah ha!’ moment where you’re able to feel what love actually is.

Creating a New Future
Placing a baby for adoption doesn’t mean you can never have your own family later down the line. Some birth mothers realize they do want a family when they are able to provide emotionally and financially. Other birth mothers realize they don’t really want what society considers a typical route for a woman. They love their child and know they made the best decision for them and they can move on knowing what they want. Both situations do not expunge the love for their child. The experience of placing your child up for adoption can provide a framework for what you want your life to look like later down the road.

Open and semi-open adoptions allow your child to be part of your life no matter what you choose for yourself afterwards. Placing a baby for adoption can change your life for the better which trickles down to the relationship you have with your child. From financial stability to emotional stability there are many reasons birth mothers choose to place their child. Regardless of the reason, adoption creates a new beginning for your child, you and the adoptive parents.

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