Unplanned Pregnancy, Help! Choosing Adoption in New York

Having a baby can put everything on pause, no matter what’s happening. A child demands attention and will let everyone know when something is wrong. Preparing for an addition to your family can be quite a task, and getting your home and daily routine prepared or centered around a new baby causes a few challenges. What makes it even more challenging is when that new baby is coming unexpectedly. Unplanned pregnancies may cause quite a scare to birth mothers. It can throw everything into a spiral or shift your future plans into an entirely new direction. But fear not. There is no need to panic. Adoption Choices of New York knows how life can take a turn when an unplanned baby is on the way, and we want to share some helpful information if you find yourself in that situation where you will need to choose adoption.

I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant. What Can I Do?

 Firstly, it is important to ask yourself some crucial questions when faced with an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy:

  • What are my options, and what is it that I can do with them?
  • What resources are available that can help me and my child?
  • Am I truly ready to be a parent?
  • Who can I turn to?

Even with these burning questions, Adoption Choices of New York is constantly working to ease the burden of them and encourage adoption options for birth mothers. We work to provide adaptability, possibility, and feasibility to make your adoption transitions as smooth as can be.

When terminating your pregnancy and parenting your child are no longer a choice, placing your child in adoptive care is the next step.

You may find yourself in a place where you no longer can provide for your child, and things have gotten tough. Perhaps you are studying in college or working hard at your own career. You don’t see or picture yourself having children of any kind right now in this phase of your life. It is totally okay to have future endeavors/plans for the future where you don’t see yourself having a child.

When choosing adoption, it allows you to give your child the life you are unable to provide. Through the Adoption Choices of New York agency, you will have and maintain full control over the adoption process. This includes the adoptive family you choose, what level of communication you want to maintain, and contact level of both families.

All of this comes as no cost to you, so it’s important to remember that financial blockers are not possible.

Adoption can still happen even after your baby is born. The choice does not end there. Either during your pregnancy or after, the route of setting up an adoption plan is still a realistic option to go. If after your baby is born and you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, our agency can help provide any and all assistance that is needed to help you.

Our agency works with every birth mother to provide a well-thought plan to ensure that you and your baby get everything you need. We only wish to fulfill the dream of having both birth mother and child living a happy, healthy life. Choosing adoption is not giving up, but a second chance for both families to start anew—a chance for new beginnings.

No matter the stigma, it is never a selfish thing to do when you’re doing what’s right.

Your adoption plan is not to be seen as an exit strategy or a way of giving up. Rather it is one borne out from unconditional love and doing the best you can do no matter the circumstance. You know the sacrifices and the moments of heartache you have faced when coming to the realization you’re not the right person to raise your child. But despite those challenges, your immense strength and willpower are what carried you to make one of the most bittersweet of decisions there is.

Choosing Adoption Gives the Chance for a Better Life

Our agency can help you get things back to a normal pace, back to a position where you want to be. Normalcy is a human thing to want, and it is never selfish to want to return to it.

Fear and hesitation can be a hefty obstacle to overcome, but it is one that is conquerable, nonetheless. Find joy in knowing you are helping in creating a new family, instrumental in making new possibilities and opportunities for your child when completing your adoption plan. Those doors once thought closed, are now open!

This is not something to be ashamed of but one that deserves praise. Be encouraged and be brave. Make the right choice of choosing adoption and starting your life.

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!

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