Teen Pregnancy Options in New York

Unplanned pregnancy as a teenager can make you feel scared, anxious, and overwhelmed. Questions like ‘are there adoption agencies near me?’ and ‘how do I start?’ are common so don’t think you’re the only one feeling overrun with queries! There are many teen pregnancy options out there. But, how do you know which one is the best for you and your child? Adoption can be a difficult choice, but it provides benefits for yourself and your child. He or she will have a loving home to thrive in, and you will be able to move forward with your own life. There are plenty of resources available from adoption agencies. At Adoption Choices of New York, we can answer all of your questions, provide information and resources, and provide positive support for you during this journey.

Adoption As A Pregnant Teen

No matter your age, if you are a pregnant woman in New York, you are able to place your child for adoption. A lot of young women are worried their parents need to be involved in the adoption process, but that is completely up to you. Even if you live at home, your parents have no legal rights to your child and do not have to give permission for you to choose adoption. That being said, your parents are able to help and support you, if that is your situation, throughout this process.

If you do not want your parents involved or do not have their support, that is where we come in. We can provide support through our adoption professionals as well as provide resources for counseling services, financial assistance, and government-funded programs that provide health insurance for pregnant women.

  • The First Steps 

    Once you have decided adoption is the best choice, you will begin setting up your adoption plan. This will include setting up a framework for any specifics regarding the adoptive family, the birthing and hospital plan, and any details regarding communication. The process has a lot of steps, but we are here to guide you through every point in your journey. The more detail added to your adoption plan, the easier it will be to match you with the right adoptive families. As the biological mother, you are in control every step of the way, and if you feel something isn’t working out, you have every right to modify or change your adoption plan.

  • Types Of Adoption 

    When it comes to the adoption process, there are three different types of adoptions to choose from. Open, semi-open, and closed. Roughly 70% of modern adoptions are open or semi-open, but you may still choose closed if you feel that is what is going to benefit you and your child the most. Your adoption professional can explain and give you examples of communication between birth mothers and their children to help paint a picture of what being in your child’s life could look like. Every birth mother and adoption plan is different. Choose what is best for the both of you!

    • Open Adoption 

      Communication in an open adoption can be face-to-face visits, letters, emails, phone calls, or days spent together for special occasions. This is all decided by you prior to searching for the adoptive family. Frequency is decided upon by you too, but you’re free to ask other birth mothers for advice or speak to adoption counselors for more guidance if you’re unsure. Open adoption allows you to be part of your child’s life after placement and help him or her understand their adoption story at a younger age.

    • Semi-Open

      Semi-open adoption does not have any face-to-face time between you and your child and is mediated by the adoption agency. That means any letters or photos sent from you to your child or vice versa are sent to the adoption agency first and then is given to the other party. Semi-open adoption can offer more privacy to both parties without completely severing the tie between yourself and your child.
    • Closed 

      Closed adoption is the choice with no communication. Some birth mothers find this option to be the best way for them to move on, which is a completely valid feeling. Not all women are the same, and just because you choose this route does not mean you love your child any less. In the end, just like choosing adoption, you are choosing what is healthiest and best for yourself and your child.

Adoption Choices and Teen Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy as a teenager holds the same weight as unplanned pregnancy at any age, but you have options. Choosing adoption is choosing to bring life into this world and choosing the best environment for your child to live a happy life. Are you still thinking ‘what do I need to start the process of adopting out my baby?’ or have any other concerns? Contact us at Adoption Choices of New York as soon as possible. We have answers and will provide a supportive, judgment-free environment for you.

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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