Teen Pregnancy in New York 

By Anna Keller

If you’re considering putting your baby up for adoption, then you may be wondering how to get in touch with an agency in the first place. You might ask, how does adopting out my baby even work? We at Adoption Choices of New York have tools at their disposal, ready to share with you to begin this process. Local adoption agencies are ready to serve you, regardless of how old you are when you get pregnant. On that note, if you are a teenager looking for assistance on teen pregnancy in New York adoption options, you will still find help in one of these agencies. 

Adoption agencies in NYC do not discriminate against your age when you come to them for help. This includes the dreaded question of whether your parents need to be involved. If you are a teenage woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, who is considering adoption, you do not need parental consent to put your child up for adoption. That decision is completely up to you, and no one can stand in your way of choosing adoption.  

You are in Control of Your Adoption During Your Teen Pregnancy in New York

Now you might be wondering, where do I begin? You can begin working with your team once you have selected a NY adoption agency. Placing your baby for adoption is not a choice that should be taken lightly, so it is important, especially as a teenager, that you proceed with caution. This may mean leaning more on the supportive figures in your life than you might have expected. The New York adoption process consists of one-on-one and group counseling sessions to help you work through any feelings you may have.  

What’s important to remember is that no matter how out of control your situation may feel, this vehicle is yours to steer. You are in charge of all the important decisions made during the adoption process, and you can also work with your counselor to find a family that meets your needs. Whether you are religiously affiliated or not or prefer your child to have siblings or not, there is a family out there for everyone. You may be concerned about how old the parents are. You get to decide which family you want, and no one else makes that decision but you.  

Adoption Plan and Support 

The New York adoption plan typically consists of one of three options. These types of adoption are only a part of your plan, but it is nevertheless an important choice. The Adoption Choices of New York include open, closed, or semi-open. There is more information available about each type of adoption on the agency’s website. But what about the rest of the adoption process? Next, you will figure out your birth, and hospital plans look. This also looks different for everybody, and it will depend on your existing health insurance. The agency can provide financial assistance in these endeavors if you do not have health insurance.  

You may also be curious about the type of support you will receive postpartum. The fortunate answer is that you are still entitled to as much emotional support after your baby as you are during your pregnancy. Once you have decided that this option is the best for you, there is a supportive article on the agency’s website that contains contact information for your first steps. 

What Life Will Look Like Through the Adoption Process

If you are a teenager, especially a younger teenager, you may be worried about what your life will look like both during and after your pregnancy. During will be difficult because you will have to alter your normal schedule and routine. However, this is a natural part of the process. It’s important to embrace reality sooner rather than later so your life will not look the same. This may seem like a scary sentiment to take on. But the good news is that you have myriad support during and after your pregnancy. As for after you give birth, recovery will not be easy either. And you may find yourself missing your baby. These are all normal feelings and things you can work through with your support group.  

The sooner you accept that your life is irrevocably changed, the sooner you can interpret this change as a positive thing rather than something to be ashamed of. You are doing a wonderful thing by adopting out your baby. That is nothing to be ashamed of. While your school stressors and other aspects of teenage life may seem big now, they will pale in comparison to the gratification you will experience afterward. 

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