Special Needs Adoption with Adoption Agency in New York

Putting your baby up for adoption is a tough decision to make. There can be more challenges when your baby is special needs. Babies with special needs often need extra care emotionally and physically or both. However, plenty of prospective adoptive families are more than happy to give your child the life he or she deserves and cater to their specific needs. At Adoption Choices of New York, we can help answer questions you may have about the New York adoption process when a special needs baby is involved. 

New York Adoption

When going through an adoption agency in NYC, you’ll be paired with an adoption professional to help guide you through the process. As the expectant mother, you will be in charge of selecting everything from the type of adoption to the adoptive family. Details about the adoptive family can get as specific as you would like. After all, you are creating the ideal life you would like your child to have. If that includes things like religion, political affiliation, or location, you can add those requirements in. 

If your child is born with special needs that medical procedures could not pick up in utero, the adoptive family’s contract and agreement to adopt do not change. It’s completely normal to worry about the adoptive family wanting to back out if the baby is born with special needs. However, the majority of families looking to adopt want a child of their own regardless of any complications. A child with special needs is still a child worthy of love and care. 

Special Needs Adoption in NY

Medical and technological advancements now allow the majority of physical disabilities, chromosomal abnormalities, or genetic abnormalities to be found during pregnancy. If you have already selected an adoptive family, they will be notified of the baby’s diagnosis. That way, the family can prepare and learn about what they will need to care for the child after placement. 

Learning of a diagnosis early can be a good thing. Depending on the diagnosis, the child may need a lot of extra help after birth compared to other newborns. If the child requires any medical procedures after birth, you will be able to add that to your birth plan, so everyone is on the same page. This cuts out any confusion or miscommunication between yourself, the doctors, and the adoptive family.

Prior to placement, the adoptive family will be able to gather all the extra necessary items that the child will need. Being prepared for a child with special needs is important, especially right after placement when bonding begins. This can be an opportunity for you and the adoptive family to form a foundation of trust and understanding with each other. By learning about your child’s needs during pregnancy, you and the adoptive family can help the child as a team. This can be especially helpful with open or semi-open adoptions since you will continue to be a part of your child’s life after placement. 

New York Adoption and Waiting Families

If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption and already have your baby’s diagnosis, there are families waiting to adopt who are happy to care for a child with special needs. This can be an ideal way to go from the start if you already know what type of disability your child has. You’ll be able to interview prospective adoptive families from the waiting list to see which family will make the best match for your child. 

Adoption Agency Benefits

Adoption agencies offer pregnant women resources as well as an adoption professional to help with all the legal necessities of adoption. If you are pregnant with a special needs baby, there are programs to help with food, financial aid, and housing. Your adoption professional can give you more information about the government programs and the requirements. New York does allow the adoptive family to provide limited financial aid for prenatal appointments. A special needs baby may require extra testing, but it is up to the adoptive family if they want to help pay for the extra medical tests. 

Special Needs Adoption in New York

Are you pregnant with a special needs baby and unsure where to go from here? Contact us at Adoption Choices of New York. We would love to help you go through your options, answer any questions you may have about the adoption process, and be there as a pillar of support. 

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