Single Parent Adoption Success Stories

When you picture the perfect family, what do you see? Whatever you picture, it’s likely to be framed by your personal experiences or by what you see on TV (like on the many episodes of Full House, for example). Whether you see three father figures or your own parents, what you see isn’t likely to be the same family as the person next to you envisions. 

Commonly, people imagine two parents — male and female — with two happy kids. However, no two happy families look the same. More and more often, single parents seek out adoption to start or grow their families. It’s a common misconception that single parents cannot adopt children. In fact, there are many single parent adoption success stories Adoption Choices of New York is here to tell you how single parents raise happy children.

Single Parents Make Every Decision for Their Child

One benefit of single parenting is the ability to make every decision by themselves. They can research on their own and choose what’s best for their child without an argument. They will know their child best and can go forward with that knowledge. The child will never have to grow up overhearing their parents argue over them. The single parent has full control until the child is old enough to make decisions for themselves.

The adoptee will grow up knowing his or her adoptive parent chose them by their own volition and with confidence. What’s more, the adoptee will have a role model who  knows what they want and how they can be a successful adoptive parent on their own. 

Single Parents aren’t Alone

Just because a single parent adopts a child by themselves doesn’t mean that they don’t have any help. Single parent adoption success stories usually include a community of people — family, friends, and possibly a post-adoption support group. All of these people can provide emotional support or may step in to help care for the child. There is no reason for a single parent to truly be alone in raising a child. They may even find a father or mother figure for their child — an aunt, uncle or family friend, for example, who can guide the adoptee where the adoptive parent cannot.

Many adoptive single parents are people who wanted to have a child for a long time, but were waiting for a time when they had a partner to have a child with. At some point, they realized that they truly wanted to have a child, so they stopped waiting.For this reason,  single parent adoption is becoming more and more accepted in the adoption world. Single parents who choose adoption are determined to create a healthy home for their child.

Single Parents Embrace the Changing Nuclear Family

The reality is that parents don’t always stay together. Divorce has become common, putting stress on children who are forced to watch this separation unfold.  If an adoptee finds themselves in this situation, they may grow up and realize just how much their adoptive single parent sacrificed to ensure he or she had their best chance at life. That their mom or dad did everything out of love. 

Single Parent Adoption Success Stories

At the end of the day, single parents can step up to raise a child just as well as two parents can. They are confident enough to break the two-parent stereotype. We at Adoption Choices of New York realize single parents can successfully raise a child on their own. 

To create their single parent adoption success stories, many single parents plan ahead to afford parenthood and use their community for support in raising a child. Adoptive single parents planned their life with children in mind. They won’t allow stereotypes or hurdles to stop them from forging single parent adoption success stories.

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She enjoys sharing vital information about adoption and birth mothers choosing adoption to families making important choices for their future family! 



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