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Adoption Resources


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Adoptive Parent Resource List

Helpful Links

Adoption Organizations

Child Welfare Information Gateway

National Council for Adoption

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

American Adoption Congress


Adoption Choices of Colorado

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoptive Parenting Resources

Adoptive Parents Committee

Long Island Adoption

Adoptive Families Magazine

Adoption Learning Partner

Center for Adoption Support and Education

Tapestry Books

Adoptive Parent Employee Benefits



Wise Old Sayings

Adoption Profile Book Design

Parent Finder


Helpful Links

Birth Mother Articles

Birth Mother Blog

Post-Placement Support
Financial Resources

Adoption Tax Credit

Help Us Adopt


Helping Kids Cope

Boatner Family Foundation
P.O. Box 132272, The Woodlands, TX 77393

Gift of Adoption Fund

Show Hope: Shaohannah’s Hope

Parents for ME

Hebrew Free Loan Society

Sara Lilli Adoption Fund

National Adoption Foundation

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Life Song for Orphans

North American Council of Adoptable Children

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Adoption Topics A – Z

Adoption Law

Packing for Your Interstate Adoption

Passing Time during the ICPC Process

Adoption Laws:


Penalty Free Withdrawal

Adoption & Group Health

Adoption Myths

Myths about Birth Mothers

Myths about Adoptive Parents

Myths about Adoptees

Myths about Mental Health & Adoption

Top 8 Myths about Birth Mothers to Stop Believing

Adoption Process & Planning

My Adoption Reunion Story: Opening Pandora’s Box -- Part I

Adoption Reunions

Opening Pandora’s Box

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Adoption Stories

An Amazing Path to Family

A Life-Changing Decision

He Deserves the Best Life Possible

The Selfless Choice

Joy alongside Grief

Adoption Story – Meant to Be: Mandee Schoolcraft

Expectant mother services

Birth Parents

Reasons Birth Mothers Place

Making Your Plan for Adoption

Placing Your Baby Q&A

Great Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

How Adoption Affects Birth Mothers

Healing after Relinquishment

Counseling and Support Groups


Celebrating Mothers

May is for Mothers

Celebrating Mother’s Day with My Adoptive Mom

Ways to Celebrate Moms

Financial Assistance

Birth Parents:

Financial Assistance for Birth Parents

Financial Assistance For Birth Mothers in New York

Adoptive Parents:

Planning Your Adoption Budget

Adoption Tax Credit:

Adoption Tax Credit 2019

Adoption Tax Credit 101

New York Adoption Agency

Matching Process

The Destination for Your Child

Questions to Ask Prospective Adoptive Parents

Reasons to Decline an Adoptive Parent Match

What can You Expect to See in Adoptive Parent Profile Books as a Birth Mother?

Mental Health & Adoption

Postpartum in Adoptive Parents

Mental Health Issues

How to Deal with Postpartum as Adoptive Parent

How to Cope with Depression

Things to Say to Someone with Mental Health Issues

Open Adoption

Open Adoption 101

Best Practices for Success

Open Adoption Relationships

Amazing Benefits of Open Adoption

Open Adoption during the Holidays

Five Facts about Open Adoption that might Surprise You as a Birth Mother

Parenting Toolbox

Secrets to Successful Parenting

Discipline is Not Punishment

Playbook for Integrating Culture

10 Healthy Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Transracial Adoption

Growing Your Family through Transracial Adoption

Understand Interracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption in the 21st Century

Culture and the Adopted Child

Implementing Your Child’s Birth Culture

Secrets to a Successful Transracial Adoption

Pros and Cons of Transracial Adoption

Myths about Transracial Adoption

Questions to Ask Yourself before Adopting Transracially

Resources for Transracial Adoption

Prison | Addiction | Homeless

Considering Adoption from Prison

Drug Addiction and Choosing Adoption

Pregnant and Homeless in New York


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