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Questions to Ask Prospective Adoptive Parents

As you begin your journey down the adoption path, your mind may be clogged with thoughts and wonders of your child’s future. Who will they become? Will he or she be happy? Most importantly, who will be his or her future parents? When you decide to place your child for...

Pregnancy in the Midst of the Coronavirus

Many expectant mothers are concerned about their pregnancy in the midst of the coronavirus. Understandably so! With still developing information, anxiety and stress levels are running rampant. If I get the virus, what about my baby? How will the virus affect me as a...

Considering Adoption as a Pregnant Woman in Prison

Historically, statistics associated with pregnant women in prison haven't been accurately tracked. There are no current mandatory standards for prenatal or pregnancy care for incarcerated mothers-to-be, which needs to change. Because, believe it or not, being a...

A Helpful Guide to Open Adoption Relationships

An open adoption is one where you might get to meet the biological parents and get to know them before the adoption process begins and/or you might get to have contact with them after the adoption. This relationship, similar to that of any family, is delicate and...

Tips for Self-Care for Birth Mothers during Pregnancy

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy can sometimes feel like checking things off a list. Getting enough exercise, planning your financial life, planning for your unplanned pregnancy, etc. The number of things you have to do never seems to decrease, much like your stress...

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We are not shutting down during this difficult time! We are fully devoted and available to all pregnant women and birth parents that are looking at adoption as an option. We will also continue to work with prospective adoptive parents who are already a part of our program. If you are a prospective adoptive parent hoping to apply to our program, please check back in with us in a few weeks. We will resume normal operations and begin accepting applications as soon as possible.

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