Putting Baby For Adoption Today vs. 20 Years ago.

By Kelly Paczkowski

Adoption has been around for hundreds of years, and with its evolution have come many changes. However, even within the last 20 years, technology and support have greatly improved the way we see adoption progress today. Let’s talk about some of those changes.

Social media and the internet have both made huge strides in adoption. There are so many great adoption agencies in NY that can be found on the internet now. You can gain a lot of information just from viewing their website. Knowing what adoption agencies there are makes finding agencies offering the service you need easier. You can choose which one you feel fits you the best and makes you the most comfortable through your adoption process. 

One way how adoption is perceived today is by the acceptance of it. There used to be stigmas around adoption and birth mothers. It was once viewed as something to be ashamed of and to be secretive about. Birth mothers were viewed as just “giving away” their children away. They were thought to not care about their children, but we now know the opposite is true. We now know that when a birth mother places her baby for adoption, it is because they love that child so much that they want what’s best for them.

You might not be in a place in your life right now to raise a child. Adoption is seen as a great way to build families today. There are not as many stigmas around placing your child for adoption. 

Support availability is another way adoption has changed from 20 years ago. Back then, birth mothers did not have a lot of options for financial assistance or housing. Now, most adoption agencies in New York have a way of supporting birth mothers. You can not only get the monetary aid you need but even rides to doctor appointments and post-adoption counseling. The support options offered to birth mothers have become more readily available to them, and more services have been offered.

Putting Baby for Adoption

There are so many great agencies out there that are willing to find you a great adoptive family for your baby. Once you find an agency that you feel comfortable with, they will assign you an adoption specialist that will be able to help guide you through the adoption process. You are in complete control of your situation and are able to choose the adoptive family. They can provide you with support and answer any questions that you may have.  

You will also get to choose the type of adoption you want. It all depends on how much communication you want with your baby and adoptive family. Open adoptions are another way that adoption has progressed from 20 years back. Open adoption is where there is an open line of communication with the adoptive family. You can watch your child grow through visits and phone calls. Semi-open is a type of adoption where you have more limited contact, but you can still receive letters and photos of your child.

The last one is a closed adoption. This is where there is no contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family and child. In a lot of adoptions in the past, this was the norm, but now it all depends on what the birth mother wants. The rights of birth mothers have dramatically improved. Long are the days of no contact and not being able to address your child. Now many great relationships have been formed between birth mothers, your child, and adoptive families. 

There have been great strides in adoption throughout the years. It is no longer a shameful or last resort for birth mothers. Many support groups can be found in your area and online. In addition, there have been improvements in assistance and even communication between adoptive families and birth parents.  

Adoption Choices of New York

Adoption Choices of New York has many dedicated adoption specialists just waiting to help you with your adoption journey. Whether you need assistance with finances or housing during your pregnancy, we are able to assist you during your adoption process. We know the process and can be great sup. You can call or text at 800-505-8592 24/7. You can even email us for more information on how to start.  


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