Positive Emotions to Expect after Placing Your Child for Adoption in NY

Placing your baby up for adoption has a lot of negative emotions attached to it. We, as a society, often share the grief and negative emotions associated with adoption. Yet, much has changed in the past several years. There are now many positive emotions to expect after placing your child for adoption.

It is critical that we acknowledge the positive emotions a birth mother can feel after the adoption process. She may feel negative emotions before and during the adoption process, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Taking note of the pleasant emotions also breaks down some of the stigma attached to adoption and birth mothers. Many birth mothers struggle emotionally and mentally afterward. She may feel like she is a bad person, a bad mother, or a selfish person. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. 

Placing your baby up for adoption calls for a lot of strength and humility. Choosing adoption as a birth mother means that you acknowledge you need help, and there’s no shame in that. It is a selfless act. An action that leaves your baby with a loving and caring adoptive family who can care for their every need. 

You may feel negative emotions, but they will be temporary. After you have properly grieved and worked through those negative emotions, you will notice that you made the right decision for yourself and the child. You will begin to feel positive feelings associated with adoption that are never mentioned. 

  • Acceptance 

Birth mothers chose to place the baby up for adoption for a multitude of reasons. She may not be in a stable situation due to her family, finances, relationship, etc. It is also possible that she may not want kids. These factors can motivate a birth mother to come to the acceptance stage. After the adoption process, the birth mother will begin to recognize and see the effects of her decision. 

Acceptance is also the final step with grief. It will naturally happen to you over time. At this step, you will begin to accept reality. The reality that you made the best decision for yourself and your child. The child will grow up in a safe, happy environment with an adoptive family who loves them.

  • Relief/Peace of Mind 

As mentioned before, many birth mothers turn to adoption because of the weight of the responsibility parenthood brings. Life can be difficult, and an unexpected pregnancy can make things even more tiring and scary. 

But with adoption, she will have peace of mind knowing that her child is safe and cared for. She may even feel relieved, and she can find comfort in the idea of her child living a normal, happy, and healthy life. 

  • Gratitude 

Adoptive families are couples and individuals who desire to care for a child. They are compassionate and caring hopeful parents who will gladly welcome your baby into their family. Once the birth mother works through her grief, it will be easier to acknowledge this. She will be able to feel gratitude towards the adoptive family and move forward with her life, knowing that her birth child is receiving the love, care and support she’s always wanted for them.

  • Happiness and Feeling Supported

Happiness and feeling supported will be especially present if you plan to have an open or semi-open adoption with your child’s adoptive family. The adoptive family may become an extension of your own family. Many times we see adoptive families and birth mothers on opposite ends, but this is not every story. An adoptive family can provide you with the supported feelings you need to feel secure in your choice for adoption. Feelings joyous or happiness after the adoption process will be some of the last positive emotions to expect after placing your child for adoption.

Positive Emotions to Expect after Placing Your Child for Adoption

After you have chosen to place your child for adoption, you may experience various negative emotions. These emotions are 100% natural, but they are short-lived. We often hear about the negative feelings and the loss you feel, but there is something to be said about the positive ones as well. After you place the baby up for adoption, you may feel acceptance, peace of mind, gratitude, happiness, and support. If you are struggling, feel free to reach out to a mental health professional or adoption professional for further guidance. 

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