Placing a Baby forAdoption in New York? Choosing a Single Woman to Adopt Your Baby

When you choose to place your baby for adoption, you’ll have lots of different adoptive families to choose from. Adoptive families, just like any family, come in all different shapes and sizes. Interracial families, two-parent families, and single-parent families are just a few of the different types of adoptive families that you might consider for your child. Some people think that only couples look to adopt babies, but that isn’t the case.

Single parent adoption in New York is on the rise as more single women choose to adopt babies. As a birth mother, you may choose to place your baby with a single woman who will be an excellent parent to your child. At Adoption Choices of New York, we’ll be happy to help you choose the best adoptive family for your child.

Why Should I Choose a Single Mother to Parent My Child? 

  • Single mothers have proven themselves to be great mothers.
    • Time and time again, single women raise incredible children. Keanu Reeves, Alicia Keys, and Barack Obama are just a few examples of highly successful people who were raised by single mothers. In a single parent adoption in New York, the adoptive parent would be choosing to be a single mother, showing her resilience and desire to parent. She’s always wanted to be a mother and isn’t going to wait around for a partner when she’s more than good enough on her own.
  • Being a single mother doesn’t mean she’s alone.
    • While a single mother can be an excellent mother on her own, this doesn’t mean that she is literally on her own. Just like two-parent households, single parents will often reach out to close family and friends for an extra hand when needed. As the saying goes, it takes a village! Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and many single mothers will plan for extra help from family. There might even be a father figure within the family that your child can look to for guidance.
  • You empathize with the desire to be a parent.
    • Just because you chose to place your baby for adoption, doesn’t mean that you can’t understand what it’s like to want to be a parent. Maybe someday you could see yourself parenting a child, just not now. You understand that when a single mother chooses to raise a child on her own, she reallywants to be a parent! You have the opportunity to give someone the amazing gift of parenthood, something they will always thank you for.
  • A single-parent household avoids the specific problems two-parent households have.
    • With single parent adoption in New York, there are a lot of benefits over two-parent adoption. Maybe you grew up in a household where your parents were always arguing about how to parent you and your siblings. With a single mother, she can make all of her parenting decisions on her own. She’ll decide what’s best. Your child will never be confused about which parent to listen to or what the rules are in the house. One day, your child might look to their adoptive parent as a role model in how to be a strong, independent person.

Is Single Parent Adoption in New York Right for Me?

There are so many great reasons to choose single parent adoption, and so many amazing single women looking to adopt. If you choose a single parent to adopt your child, she would be forever grateful for a part in your adoption story. Contact us atAdoption Choices of New York, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about your adoption journey.

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