New York Benefits of Open Adoption

Open adoption is now an incredibly common choice in the adoption journey. The benefits of open adoption span from the child to the birth mother and the adoptive family. Open adoptions look different for each family and it is up to the birth mother to decide what communication will look like between her, the child and/or the adoptive family. Not every prospective adoptive family is up for an open adoption, but those who are will be happy to work with the birth mother’s idea of communication prior to placement and the signing of legal documents. 

At Adoption Choices of New York, we can help you navigate through the various components of open adoption. No matter the question, we’re here to help you through the process of your adoption journey or help you understand it better if you’re still on the fence.

Open Adoption Benefits the Birth Mother

Placing your child for adoption does not negate the love and connection you have. Choosing the option that may be the hardest for you, but best for your child, shows the immeasurable amount of love and devotion in your heart. By having an open adoption, you can be a part of your child’s life. You’ll be able to know they are growing up happy, healthy and truly thriving with the adoptive family you have chosen for them.

Communication is discussed and agreed upon prior to placement and the guidelines will be followed as directed. As the birth mother, the ball is in your court. You can decide what you want communication to look like before seeking out the adoptive family. You can be sent photos, videos or be given updates via email or letters from the adoptive family, depending on what the agreement was.

Having consistent up-to-date information about your child’s wellbeing, their growth and how they’re doing overall can soothe the worry you may have especially the first few months. Over the years, your relationship with your child will be able to grow with them. It can be mentally taxing to be in a constant state of worry about your child’s happiness or safety as a birth mother, which is why open adoptions are such a great option. The benefits of open adoption create a bridge of communication that can ease the natural concerns you may have for your child.

Open Adoption Benefits the Child

Starting your child off knowing they are adopted and loved by both the adoptive family and you is proven to be good for mental health later on. Framing adoption with a positive outlook will help your child be proud of his or her adoption story in their early stages of life. They will knowingly have many people who love, cherish and truly want what is best for them. 

Open adoption immediately cuts out any negativity or confusion because, as the birth mother, you will be able to tell your child their adoption story and your reasons, if you wish. It’s a healthy dynamic to have. It instills honesty and trust with your child even though you are not raising them. The connection will be built based around love.

When your child gets older, having the ability to communicate with you directly will be beneficial to their sense of identity. Of course, sharing only what you’re comfortable with is perfectly acceptable. Lineage and culture can be an incredibly important part of a child’s identity and something the two of you can share together. However, it is important to have boundaries that your child understands, and boundaries set up for both you and the adoptive family to follow. It is a delicate balance and neither family wants to feel offset by the other. Open adoption is teamwork built on mutual understanding, trust and communication.

Familial support is another important factor for all children growing up. Open adoption gives your child his or her own extended support system. Acting as another adult in your child’s corner can be extremely comforting and will give your child an extra pillar to lean on during times they just need the feeling of love and comfort.

Open Adoption Benefits the Adoptive Family

Adoptive families are often left in the dark about in-depth family history illnesses that may run in your family. Catching specific things early in children is important especially in issues that may lead to problems with learning, speech or any other fine motor delays. Medical history directly from a birth mother and her parents or grandparents is something that can be kept on file, just in case the need arises to look into it during a doctor’s visit.

How can Open Adoption Benefit You?

Expectant mothers considering adoption face a lot of hard decisions. Open adoption becoming more mainstream can make your decision easier, knowing that you are not completely shut out of your child’s life. Seeing successful positive examples of open adoptions may also make your decision easier if you are still on the fence.

If you’re considering placing your baby up for adoption in the New York area and have questions, contact Adoption Choices of New York. We’re happy to help answer all questions about what an open adoption may look like, what your rights are as the birth mother, and any other concerns you may have about the adoption process. 

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