National Adoption Month 101: Things to Know as a Birth Mother Considering Adoption

As the first days of November creep by, you may begin to notice the words “National Adoption Month” popping up everywhere you look. There is a special reason for that. From November 1st, the entire month of November is dedicated to spreading awareness about adoption and helping those interested and involved understand just how important adoption is.

If you are a birth mother considering adoption, here are some important things about the month of November to know to help give you a deeper insight into the beauty and benefits of adoption.

When did National Adoption Month Start?

Back in 1976, Mike Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts at the time, started the first ever Adoption Week to bring more awareness to adoption  and get rid of the stigma surrounding it. His idea was widely accepted. Then, in 1984, Ronald Regan embellished the celebration into National Adoption Week. A decade later, President Bill Clinton expanded the week into a month-long celebration.

Ever since, communities, organizations, businesses and social groups have taken up the call to promote adoption in a positive light. Education and information about the adoption process is given out in speeches, pamphlets and posted on social media. Stories of families and their experience with adoption are shared with others to showcase how important adoption is.

What Happens during National Adoption Month?

As a birth mother considering adoption, you have the amazing opportunity to learn about all things adoption throughout the month of November. There are many adoption-related events and support groups that you can attend both in person and online. Community centers, churches or theaters may even show movies related to adoption. Be sure to check out your local resources to see what’s available in your area.

Informing and educating everyone about adoption, and the amazing impact it can have, is what National Adoption Month is all about. This, in turn, can help eliminate the societal and cultural stigmas surrounding the adoption industry and adoption process as a whole. It can also be a great help for birth mothers like you who are wanting to place their baby for adoption, but aren’t sure what to do or how to begin.

Adoption Choices of New York is a proud supporter of National Adoption Month and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you have about the adoption process. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and wanting someone to help you process your thoughts and feelings about that, we can help with that too! We have highly-trained and specialized adoption counselors who will offer you a safe, confidential and non judgmental space to do just that. After the conversation, if you decide that you’d like to learn more about how to place your baby for adoption, you will be assigned an adoption caseworker, who will talk you through all your available options.

Why is National Adoption Month Important?

In the not so distant past, unplanned pregnancies and birth mothers were held under scrutiny. Many of the birth mothers were taken away to have their babies in secret, then had to return to everyday life and pretend like nothing happened. Her baby was given to a family, but she never knew what became of her child after that. 

This is another reason why National Adoption Month is so important — especially to birth mothers. It spreads awareness about adoption and how open adoptions have become the more popular choice for birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents. How adoptions don’t need to be kept secret anymore, and that birth mothers have control over their adoption journeys. 

National Adoption Month also highlights that family units have grown beyond America’s once-standard “traditional nuclear” image. That families are so much more than DNA. After all, a family is full of love, understanding and care.  This is why education about adoption is not only important for the stigmas to be completely erased from society, but it also helps promote the normalcy of adoption.

What does This mean for a Birth Mother Considering Adoption?

Throughout your research about adoption, you may have come across preconceived ideas that adoption is a shameful thing. That it is a last resort and choosing adoption means that you’re “giving away” or “giving up” your baby. But that is not true. Adoption is not a last resort! It is a loving, selfless and brave choice for you to make and provides your child with their best chance at life. 

Adoption is something to be celebrated. It not only greatly benefits your child and their adoptive family, but it also allows you to give your child the opportunity to have a life you are unable to offer them. There is no shame, guilt or judgment in doing what’s right for your child and wanting what’s best for them. 

So, if you are thinking about placing your child for adoption — embrace that! Adoption is a beautiful and life changing experience. National Adoption Month helps promote this and sheds light on the positive impact and benefits that this choice can bring to you, your child and their adoptive parents. It is a month full of celebrating the creation of families through love, acceptance and the start of a new life. 

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