Making Your Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother in New York

Creating your adoption plan is one of the first steps in your adoption process. Understanding and taking the time to lay out what you believe is best for your child and yourself is an extension of the love and care you have for him or her. By wanting what is best for them, you are putting the needs of your child first. Not only does planning every detail of the adoption process to their benefit, but it also helps you  selflessly arrange for the right adoptive couple or individual to give your child a happy and healthy life.

What is an Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan outlines all the different facets and components that help complete the adoption process. First and foremost, it is a framework of how you want your adoption journey to go from choosing the adoptive parents to delivery. Making your adoption plan as a birth mother in New York means you’ll have access to wonderful, caring and experienced adoption professionals at Adoption Choices of New York. We’re here to guide you through your adoption journey and answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Adoption plans differ from birth mother to birth mother. After all, everyone is unique! Your adoption plan will reflect that, so don’t worry about comparing it to anyone else’s. There are many different factors you will have to consider regarding giving birth, the adoptive parents and any communication with your child after he or she is placed. Providing a framework for the adoption process will make it easier to keep track of what is happening and when. Plus, you’ll have continuous guidance from your adoption caseworker.

What Goes into an Adoption Plan?

Adoption plans cover any and all details regarding the adoptive parents, the plan for the hospital and delivery and communication after placement. There are details in adoption plans you may not have even thought of when this whole process began! For instance, do you want your child placed with an adoptive family who lives close by, or is it okay if they live out of state? Making your adoption plan as a birth mother in New York means placement can stretch from Manhattan to upstate New York and beyond. If you’re adamant on the location of placement being within a certain proximity of your own home, it’s important to put that down as a requirement for the adoptive couple or individual.

Hospital delivery is another big portion of adoption plans, because it can pertain to the adoptive parents. Do you want them in the delivery room with you or would you rather have it be a private affair? You can decide if you want a few moments with your child after delivery, or if you would like the adoptive parents to take over immediately after you’ve given birth.

All of these details make a difference in your search. Adoptive couples and individuals have their own wants and expectations, but, as the birth mother, you are in charge. Your adoption caseworker will seek out an adoptive family who has expectations that align with what you want.

Is an Adoption Plan Different for Open Adoptions?

Nope! No matter what type of adoption you choose, adoption plans are laid out all the same way. Open and semi-open adoptions have a section dedicated to the type of communication you would like to have with your child after placement. Birth mothers who have an open or semi-open adoption choose the form of contact either through phone, email or letters. 

Some birth mothers speak to their child over the phone once they’re old enough, and some even schedule in-person activities on special occasions, like birthdays or holidays. All of this is pre-decided by you and put into your adoption plan.Your adoption caseworker will find an adoptive couple or individual who is perfectly fine with the communication type and regularity you have chosen.

What Else do I Include about the Adoptive Parents in My Adoption Plan?

You can get into as much detail as you’d like! You can specify religious preferences, where they live, if they have other children or are planning to adopt more and many other specifics. Your adoption caseworker will be able to help you brainstorm if you’re unsure of what exactly you want to include for criteria.

Once you’ve found a match with a potential adoptive couple or individual, you’ll get their adoptive parent profile book, which contains pictures and excerpts about their lives. Some include family photos, family history and any other information they feel is relevant. This will give you a bit of insight into who they are and what your child’s life may look like with them. Interviews are conducted if you want to move forward. Those can be in person, over the phone or virtual.

Should I get Advice from Other Birth Mothers when Making My Adoption Plan?

Absolutely! Speaking to other birth mothers is a great way to gain insight on what is essential in adoption plans and what ended up not being so important in the end. While every birth mother has their own expectations and wants, it’s a great idea to get support from other birth moms who understand what you’re going through. Adoption is a big, sometimes exhausting, process and it’s always good for your mental health to have someone who understands what you’re experiencing.

Making Your Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother in New York

If you’re making decisions based on what is best for your child, then don’t worry. You’re doing it right. Through all the decision-making and planning, you are ultimately doing what is going to benefit your child and shape their future positively. Even if your adoption requirements look different from someone else’s, or there’s a lot more detail than you expected, the end goal is to have a happy healthy child after placement. Follow your intuition and trust your judgement. Making an adoption plan as a birth mother in New York can be tough, but that’s why there are wonderful adoption professionals right there beside you. 

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