LGBTQ+ Adoption in NY: Pros and Cons

By Katiara Potter

A loving adoptive family can look many ways. People who are single, people of different races, and LGBTQ+ people are all looking to adopt. What matters the most is that a potential family can provide your child with loving and supportive life, and also if they have the desire for parenthood. With LGBTQ+ people, a lot of shame and criticism is sent their way. They may even face criticism when trying to adopt. However, many birth mothers choose people from the LGBTQ+ community to adopt their babies. LGBTQ+ adoption in NY might be something for you to consider if you’re considering adoption. At Adoption Choices of New York we can help you, here are some pros and cons of LGBTQ+ adoptions in New York. 

Pros of LGBTQ+ Adoption in NY

  • Commitment to Parenting: LGBTQ+ couples and individuals many times don’t conceive children naturally. It takes a lengthy thought process to figure out how to have a family. LGBTQ+ people deciding to adopt means are ready for the challenge and the journey of parenthood. They are ready to provide the love and support your child needs. 
  • Your Child Being More Empathetic and Open: Growing up in a “non-traditional” household may teach your child to be open to different types of people. People of all walks of life exist in this world. Many times people aren’t open or tolerant of different types of people. LGBTQ+ people know this all too well. An LGBTQ+ family can teach your child to be more compassionate to people who are different or “foreign” to them.
  •  Giving LGBTQ+ People a Chance to Be Parents: Since LGBTQ+ people many times don’t conceive children. Naturally, it’s harder for them to have children. They may face issues like infertility or needing to find a surrogate which may not be easy to handle. Choosing an LGBTQ+ person as a birth parent would give them something they have always wanted: a family. You would be giving them the opportunity for a happier and more complete life. 
  • Financial Security: Birth mothers sometimes place their babies up for adoption due to financial hardship. LGBTQ+ people are usually more financially secure than heterosexual people before adoption. Choosing an LGBTQ+ person as an adoptive parent may mean your child is growing up in a financially stable household. You won’t have to worry about the family’s ability to provide for your child. 
  • Stable Environment: Compared to heterosexual couples, LGBTQ+ couples are less likely to divorce. This means your child will grow up with stability. Your child won’t have to deal with their world splitting in two due to their adoptive parents divorcing. They won’t have to deal with two separate households and two different rule systems, which can confuse children. They’ll know they have support from their two unified adoptive parents, which will make them feel secure.

Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoption in NY

  • Discrimination: Even though the world is progressing every day, there are still people who lead with hatred. Children who aren’t raised to be open and accepting may bully and harass others considered different. However, this experience may teach your child how to handle adversity. Ultimately, your child may become more resilient and stand up for others. 
  • Stereotypes and Assumptions: In this day and age, people still believe children need a distinct mother and father. They believe a man will teach their sons “how to be men.” While a woman will teach her daughters how to nurture. Thoughts like these are just stereotypes that don’t have real facts attached to them. Different types of people can raise a good human. 

What to Consider with LGBTQ+ Adoption

The cons of LGBTQ+ adoption are more based on people’s negative assumptions. Even though the world is progressing, people still judge others harshly. People who are considered different get judged harsher than others. None of this stops LGBTQ+ people from living their lives and being happy. But, it does hurt to be judged and treated like an “other” in society. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, or sexuality a person is. They’re still a person. People considered to be different still want families at the end of the day. What matters is that your child has parents that are loving and supportive. If you’re hesitant to choose an LGBTQ+ person as an adoptive parent, think about what is holding you back.

Think about all the benefits of having a family that loves and supports your child. Know that only thinking about the potential negatives of any family will make you hesitant. Since this decision is an important one and tough to make, Adoption Choices of New York can help you. Your adoption specialist can help you find the perfect adoptive family you feel right about. Don’t feel pressured to make any of these decisions. The adoption process is about you and your child. Your wishes will be honored. 

LGBTQ+ people are ready for the journey of parenthood. They are ready and willing to adopt. If you would like to put your baby up for adoption in New York, LGBTQ+ adoption may be something to consider. Adoption Choices of New York can help you make this decision. If you need help finding an adoptive family, feel free to contact one of our specialists. We can provide you with the resources and assistance you will need during the adoption process. Always remember we are here for you!

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