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By Tyra Watts

When it comes to adoption, the biggest priority is the child being put in a safe and loving family. Families come in different shapes and sizes, but they all share that supportive and affectionate energy. Here at Adoption Choices of New York, we are a diverse adoption agency and accept any individual, regardless of their race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. If you are seeking to put your child up for adoption or someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy that is interested in adoption, Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. 

1. What Are The LGBTQ+ Adoption Rights in New York?

Although there are certain requirements to be met in most states, here in New York, the NY adoption agency has no restrictions on adoption based on sexual orientation. There are laws in place that protect adoptive LGBTQ+ families from discrimination in places such as work, housing, and education. As an LGBTQ+ adoptive parent, you have the right to seek adoption in the state of New York. The New York adoption process is not only for heterosexual couples; it is for those who are committed to providing a protected and loving home for a child. At Adoption Choices of New York, we are here to help.

2. How Do I Know LGBTQ+ Adoption is Right for Me?

Diversity is very important when it comes to adoption, and the LGBTQ+ community makes up a percentage of that. Being a part of that diversity, and representing who you are, can show people how important the LGBTQ+ community is to society. Being aware of the history of the LGBTQ+ community and the hardships they’ve gone through to have their rights is essential. It gives everyone the chance to learn and educate themselves. Having a child raised in an adoptive LGBTQ+ family can show them that being loved and having acceptance will make them feel welcomed and secure.

3. Where Do I Start the Adoption Process?

When it comes to LGBTQ+ Adoption, it follows the same process for both the birth mother and adoptive parents. Once the decision to put your baby up for adoption has officially been made, we will help you, the birth mother, curate the adoption plan. The birth mother and the LGBTQ+ adoptive parent must understand that commitment and patience are essential to making the adoption official. That is why adoption agencies in New York are here to assist you with any problems that you may face in the adoption plan. Taking it a day at a time can ensure you that we deeply care for you, the LGBTQ+ adoptive parent, and most importantly, the child. 

4. As The Birth Mother, How Can I Start an Adoption Plan?

For starters, you should reach out to local adoption agencies in New York to get started with your adoption. From there, you can talk about the types of adoption plans that we provide. It is suggested that you should have done some extensive research to get things started. Although it can be a nervous experience for you, the birth mother, you also have to remember the adoptive LGBTQ+ family is most likely just as nervous as you. New York adoption agencies are here to assist you with your New York adoption plan, as well as the adoptive LGBTQ+ family with the process. 

5. Is The LGBTQ+ Adoption Process Difficult?

The LGBTQ+ Adoption process is not as difficult compared to the traditional/heterosexual adoption plan. As a society, we are moving towards a time for more equality. Same-sex couples have the right to adopt in New York and are just as eligible to do so. The birth mother has control of her adoption plan, and she can choose a member of the LGBTQ+ community as an adoptive parent if she wants to. Most LGBTQ+ couples are excited to adopt, and what matters most is that the child is put into a caring and close-knit family. Adoption agencies in NYC are here to provide that for you.

6. What Are Some Misconceptions of LGBTQ+ Adoption?

A common misconception about LGBTQ+ Adoption is that the LGBTQ+ adoptive couples will not become good parents. This misconception is often rooted in the claim that there should be a mother and a father figure in the child’s life. It is interesting to note that this claim is not used when it comes to heterosexual divorces or single heterosexual parents. 

Another misconception about LGBTQ+ Adoption is that the child will not succeed under the parenting of an LGBTQ+ adoptive couple. It is associated with the claim that LGBTQ+ parenting can be dangerous to children. This is false, however, as studies show that children of LGBTQ+ couples experience similar results to those raised by heterosexual couples. To sum it up, children typically have good, healthy lives.

7. What Are The Pros of LGBTQ+ Adoption?

The pros of LGBTQ+ Adoption are that the child will be put into a safe and loving family. The adoption process can also help the child become diverse at an early age, as they can learn about diversity and acceptance from their LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. Another pro of LGBTQ+ Adoption is that it can develop confidence in the LGBTQ+ adoptive couple and the child. For the LGBTQ+ adoptive couple, they can feel proud that they are a part of the community and can adopt. This kind of confidence could potentially be passed down to the child, as they can take pride in who their parents are.

8. What Are The Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoption?

One of the cons of LGBTQ+ Adoption is discrimination towards LGBTQ+ adoptive couples and their child. With the LGBTQ+ adoptive couples, they can be subjected to frowns and rude comments in public by people who are against LGBTQ+ Adoption. Meanwhile, the child may be bullied by other children who were raised to be against LGBTQ+ Adoption. The discrimination may not go away, and the LGBTQ+ adoptive couple and the child can experience this throughout their lives. 

Another con of LGBTQ+ Adoption is that it may be hard to connect with others. For the child, when it comes to forming relationships and friendships, especially during their adolescence, children who are around other kids with LGBTQ+ parents may not understand and relate to them. This can result in the child being isolated and having a hard time in social settings. 

9. What Can The Child Expect Once They’re Adopted into an LGBTQ+ Household?

Like most adoptions, it’ll take some time for the child to get adjusted to their new family. However, when an LGBTQ+ couple adopts the child, the child has the opportunity to learn about the LGBTQ+ community, the history, and the experiences that their parents may have faced. The child can also expect to be loved, supported, and cared for by their LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. All of this may be very new to the child, and it can take some time for them to get adjusted to their new environment. Despite this, in the long run, the child will grow to love their adoptive family, hence why it is good to be considering adoption

10. Is the Adoption Process in New York Longer With An LGBTQ+ Family?

No, the adoption process in New York will not take long with an LGBTQ+ adoptive family. Typically, the length of the adoption process is the same as heterosexual families. However, the only way it will be a longer adoption process for LGBTQ+ families is if the other parent would like to apply for second parental rights. This usually happens after the child is placed in a new family and the birth mother’s parental rights are terminated. When the adoptive parent has parental rights to your child, and everything is official, that’s when their partner can apply. As the birth mother, you have control over placing your baby for adoption

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