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 One of the things the adoption community prides itself on is the amount of diversity it contains. There are people from all corners of the globe that come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Among those shapes and colors emerges a rainbow, a hope of being able to create a family of their own. The LGBTQ+ community allies itself closely with the adoption process because of the love that is shared. The stories passed from one place to the other often are ones of struggle, overcoming, and then happiness in the end. Adoption Choices of New York will help birth mothers and prospective LGBTQ+ parents alike who are looking for a place to find some answers to their questions. Here are some FAQs we know will help in your endeavor!

  • Where Do We Begin?

 For LGBTQ+ adoption, the process is the same, both birth mothers and adoptive parents. When making that decision of placing a child up for adoption has been made clear, the road to curating your plan is then laid out for you. The commitment needed and patience required to raise a child is a universal thing, whether an LGBTQ+ parent or not.

Birth mothers when first choosing a family, in this case, an LGBTQ+ adoptive parent, would go through the same regular motions as they would normally. Ask questions, gain a bit of insight, and see if they are a right fit for you. LGBTQ+ parent(s) have so much love to give to adoptees and are eager to show it. All it takes is one step on both sides of the path and a new family bond can be made.

  • What Can a Child Expect in an LGBTQ+ Household?

Both birth mothers and LGBTQ+ families want to give a child the best life they can possibly have, that is one that is shared. Growing up amongst the LGBTQ+ community can teach a lot about equality, sympathy, and the struggles of marginalized groups. There are chances for many lessons and opportunities in learning the history of what exactly it means to be part of the community.

Moments like those, the melding of both communities, is what makes adoption so special. It is pieces of various puzzles being put together to form and create an entirely new picture to behold. Children are to be treated with love and respect, just as adults would want for themselves. That is not something that is taken away when choosing an LGBTQ+ adoption. Having two moms or two dads is not something to be ashamed of, but one to be celebrated because it is a union that holds together the family.

How does One Pursue an LGBTQ+ Adoption in New York?

The best thing to do is for you to get in touch with your most trusted adoption agency you feel comfortable with discussing your adoption plan. Extensive research and planning is needed to set things in motion to really get down to the gritty bits of adopting a child. LGBTQ+ families/prospective adoptive parents screened the same as traditional or heterosexual couples. It’s totally okay to feel nervous about who you are placing your child’s life in. There may even come a time down the line where you may even question your choice.

Those feelings are normal to have but it is crucial to remember that LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are also nervous as well! They want to be the perfect parent(s) for your baby and show them the best that they have to offer, Love is not in short supply no matter the choice of family. It’s important to remember that LGBTQ+ adoptive families are not discriminated against when looked to for creating a family. It does not necessarily take longer for them to adopt than it does for heterosexual or traditional couples.

When a child is in need of love and care, the most important thing is for them to get that and be given a loving environment to grow up in. With that goal in mind, LGBTQ+ adoption in New York is a thriving opportunity for parents of the community to look into what options are available to them. They say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a home to keep a family. Family isn’t a place, but it can be wherever you make it; the people you surround yourself with make up the home you build.

Join Adoption Choices of New York in its endeavor to bring people and families together in partnership to give a child a beautiful and healthy home to live in.

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