Is Adoption the Right Choice for Me?

In order to make the most well informed, loving, and intelligent decision for your baby, it’s important to gather information. Adoption Choices of New York works with women facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption. We provide resources to help you prepare for your adoption journey. If you are asking, “Is adoption the right decision for me?”, consider this:


  • Am I able to provide financially, emotionally, and physically for my child?
  • Will having another baby affect my ability to care for any children I already have?
  • Am I ready to be a mother for the rest of my life?
  • Will I have to depend on my parents or anyone else?
  • Do I really feel ready to be a parent by myself?
  • Will the people who say they will help me REALLY help in the long run?


It is normal to ask questions, feel overwhelmed and even feel sad or guilty. Making an adoption plan for your baby involves a loss and a sense of sorrow. Accepting the fact that, at this time in your life, you may not be ready to raise a child can be painful. Knowing your child is part of a stable, secure, and loving family can help give you peace of mind.


Adoption is a LOVING HEALTHY option. 


Adoption Choices of New York is a private, licensed, non-profit adoption agency providing services, support, and counseling to expectant women who choose to place their baby for adoption. Facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy is extremely tough and overwhelming time. You are asking What do I do!? Who do I call!? What are my options!? Our professional, compassionate, experienced staff will help! 


Contact Us 24/7: 800-505-8592 (Phone) | 518-478-8420 | Email 

We are not shutting down during this difficult time! We are fully devoted and available to all pregnant women and birth parents that are looking at adoption as an option. We will also continue to work with prospective adoptive parents who are already a part of our program. If you are a prospective adoptive parent hoping to apply to our program, we are accepting applications and doing Homestudy now.

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