If I Place My Baby For Adoption, What If The Family Doesn’t Love Them As Their Own?

Adoption agencies in New York state help pregnant women and prospective adoptive families connect to create a new family. Placing your child for adoption is a benevolent act of love because you are choosing what is best for your child. You are a strong woman for choosing what is best for your child, even if it may not be the easiest. Being a pregnant woman looking into placing your child for adoption doesn’t mean you love him or her any less than other pregnant women. Some pregnant women worry that the adoptive family won’t love or accept their child as their own, and that is a completely valid fear. At Adoption Choices of New York, we have experts ready and willing to give you a helping hand during your adoption journey.

Steps In NYC Adoption

The adoption process has multiple facets that help create a clear path up to placing your child with the chosen adoptive family. Birth mothers are in complete control during the entire process. You are able to create what you envision your child’s life to be like. Every little detail is up to you. This includes larger-scale details such as where they’ll live or if they’ll be the only child at first, and if the family plans on having other children or adopting again. Your adoption professional will help you through everything, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this journey!

Smaller details in your adoption plan can include religion, ethnic background, political views, and other specific details that will impact your child’s life as they grow up. This process includes a lot of decisions and shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time deciding what you believe is important for your child to thrive. You can always speak to other birth mothers or counselors if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Having a third-party insight can help you navigate through all of the things you may be feeling in regards to creating an adoption plan.

Parent Books and Interviews

Families hoping to adopt in NY create parent books for you to browse through. These can include pictures of the prospective family, what they do in their free time, extended family photos, and other little pieces of their life they want to share with you. Depending on what you want to know, they can include written letters to you from the parents and details of their life at home. Parent books are a great way to get tangible pieces of the larger picture you’re trying to create for your child.

Interviews are a regular process of the family selection process. Depending on the location, you can do in-person interviews, skype, or phone calls. In the interview, you can ask any questions you want related to possible adoption and parenting. These interviews will help you feel a possible family out for your own personal comfort as well. Sometimes you may not vibe with the possible family, and that’s okay! As the birth mother, you are the one curating a beautiful life for your child, and choosing the family is a big but important decision.

Types of Adoption

There are three main types of adoption. Closed, semi-open, and open. Nowadays, a large portion of all adoption falls under open or semi-open. This way, the parent or parents can keep a line of communication with the child after placement. If you’re worried about the prospective adoptive family loving your child as their own, having components of a semi-open adoption might be a good choice. You will be able to contact your child through letters, emails, or phone calls facilitated by a third party. Usually, the third party is one of the adoption agencies in New York that you’ve gone through.

Open adoption allows those forms of contact plus face-to-face time if stated in the agreement, without a third party. Your child can reassure you that they’re being treated with love and care throughout their lives. Having a foundation of trust and understanding in the early years for an adoptee with their birth mother adds another line of support in their lives.

Will The Adoptive Family Love My Child?

All mothers worry about their children even if they are not raising them. That is why as the birth mother, you will have full control in choosing what type of adoption you want and who the adoptive family will be. Are you a pregnant woman considering adoption in New York but are unsure if it’s the right choice? Contact us through email or phone, so we can help you choose the best option for you and your unborn child.

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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