As humans, we generally like knowing what will happen tomorrow, having a plan for all types of circumstances and being in control of our lives. So, when things don’t go the way you planned, it may bring a certain amount of stress along with it. When life’s unplanned event is a human unexpectedly growing in your body, you will feel overwhelmed and confused with what will happen next.

While it might seem nerve-wracking to come up with a plan for your unplanned pregnancy, having some form of organization might alleviate some stress. You will need to know the changes within your body as well as outside changes. The guide below will help you navigate how to plan for your unplanned pregnancy.

Going through an unplanned pregnancy is a treacherous journey, no matter the situation you are in. You should not feel guilty if you choose to place your child for adoption. Check out our 8 Reasons Why Birth Mothers Choose to Place Their Child for Adoption to reaffirm the decision you have made regarding adoption. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. Talk to our adoption experts at Adoption Choices of New York to discuss what is the right path for you moving forward into the future.

Prepare for The Physical Changes

There’s no doubt that your body will go through major changes once there is a baby growing inside of you. One common change is weight gain. As your baby begins to take their shape, you will need a lot of nutrients in order to keep the two of you healthy, so don’t fret about your belly growing. Other physical changes are less apparent to outsiders. Here are some examples:

1. Oral Care

Your gums tend to bleed during pregnancy, which can lead to infection. Some pregnant women are afraid of going to the dentist while expecting due to fear of radiation exposure from X-ray. It is okay to get X-rays if your belly area is covered. The importance of proper hygiene and dental care doesn’t change because of pregnancy.

2. Hair 

During pregnancy, your body can produce more estrogen than usual, which results in fuller and healthier looking hair. The downside is that hair can grow in places you don’t want it to grow, such as the upper lip, back, stomach or nipples. Another downside is the estrogen level will fall after birth and can cause your hair to fall out while brushing or showering.

3. Body Temperature

Your body will feel warmer when you are expecting due to the increase in your metabolic rate and activities in the sweat glands. This can be dangerous for pregnant women during the summertime. Doctors recommend staying hydrated and wearing looser clothing like a loose dress or t-shirt.

Prepare for The Emotional Changes

Along with physical changes, the increase in hormone production can leave you in a whirlwind of emotions. When you are going through an unplanned pregnancy, all of these symptoms might skyrocket with the added stress. Here are some things that you should expect during your pregnancy.

1. Mood Swings

Mood swings can leave you feeling irritated, crabby or just stressed. With the overproduction of hormones, your emotions can jump between one to another very easily. This also may tie to the physical changes we discussed in the earlier section. Not all women experience mood swings during pregnancy; however, it is not uncommon.

2. Fear

Whether it’s panic of miscarriage or just about pregnancy in general, being afraid while carrying a child is normal. When going through an unexpected pregnancy, you might be afraid about the consequences for the decisions you have already made or the ones you will make in the future. As the birth gets near, you might get fearful about the amount of pain you will face during delivery.

3. Anxiety

Similar to fear, you may experience anxiety for a variety of reasons, especially with an unplanned pregnancy. You may be anxious about the adoption process, reaching out to adoption experts, or meeting with prospective families. Whatever the case may be, take a deep breath, as a high level of anxiety will weaken your immune system.

Although it is common for pregnant women to experience fear and anxiety, it is healthy for you to talk to someone about these issues rather than keeping them to yourself.

Prepare for Doctor’s Appointments

We recommend that you visit your primary doctor or an obstetrician (OBGYN) as soon as you find out about your pregnancy. They will be able to tell you precisely how often you should visit them going forward. Any health concerns should be discussed with specialists as soon as possible to ensure that you will have a healthy pregnancy. Some examples of indications for a high-risk pregnancy include being pregnant at 35 or older, pre-existing health issues, or dangerous developments during pregnancy. Nonetheless, here is a brief overview of when you should see a doctor according to WebMD:

  • Weeks 4 to 28: 1 prenatal visit a month
  • Weeks 28 to 36: 1 prenatal visit every 2 weeks
  • Weeks 36 to 40: 1 prenatal visit every week

How to Plan for Your Unexpected Expecting 

Even when you have not made up your mind regarding your future, we encourage you to reach out to our adoption experts at Adoption Choices of New York as soon as possible.

We will provide you with all the necessary information and help you on how to plan for your unplanned pregnancy. Our specialists are trained professionals with all the necessary knowledge to guide you through the adoption process and anything you will need after the placement. The consultations will be private and you can request to have us call you instead. Visit our website for more information or download our brochure for expecting birth mothers.

Unexpected plans can be stressful and you may feel overwhelmed with all the decisions you will have to make. Don’t worry too much – because you are not on this journey alone.

Adoption Choices of New York

For more information on adoption or if you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact, Adoption Choices of New York.

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