How do I Know I Can Trust an Adoption Agency in New York?

When birth mothers choose adoption, the decisions don’t stop there. Birth mothers like you open the path to tons of other decisions and branches, different roads to take that lead to new beginnings. The very first step after choosing adoption is to figure out how you’ll place your baby for adoption. With a private adoption agency like Adoption Choices of New York, we support you through your adoption and beyond.

There are other ways to place your baby for adoption, such as with an adoption facilitator or lawyer. However, we believe that a private New York adoption agency is the best way to go. It’s a completely safe, professional, and nurturing environment for your adoption journey. There are so many reasons to choose a licensed adoption agency like Adoption Choices of New York. Our staff will take care of you as we build trust together.

How is a licensed adoption agency regulated?

One great way to know if you can trust an agency is if they’re licensed. Licensed adoption agencies are regulated so that birth mothers and adoptive parents know that we’re doing right by you all. Licensed adoption agencies must adhere to certain guidelines that ensure that they are safe. For example, as a birth mother, you may worry about whether your child will go to a home that is safe for a baby. A licensed agency must screen and approve families before you ever read anything about them. Any family you see will have passed a home study conducted by adoption specialists, meaning that the family is ready to safely raise your child.

A successful home study tells us that the prospective adoptive family will help your child thrive in a safe, nurturing, and happy home. This way, you can trust our agency and your child’s adoptive family. We have your child’s best interests in mind at all times.

Why should I choose a private adoption over an adoption facilitator?

While you could choose an adoption facilitator or law center, it is not likely to be the most fulfilling choice. During this stressful time, you want to feel taken care of and supported. Birth mothers want to have comfort in their choice, knowing that all the legal matters of adoption are settled.

The benefit of a licensed private adoption agency in New York is that we are committed to continuity of care. This means that we’re invested in your well-being before and after the adoption. For example, at our adoption agency in New York, we will provide you with counseling and connect you with support groups of birth mothers just like you. And after your adoption is finalized, you won’t be alone. You still have access to these amazing birth mother resources, providing you with as stress-free an experience as possible. We won’t leave you behind after the adoption is over. We’ll also connect you with amazing adoption attorneys that will handle your adoption with attention and care.

Meanwhile, adoption law centers and facilitators are not regulated like an adoption agency, which may potentially lead to future legal issues. Neither will provide emotional support during or after your pregnancy, nor will they provide other adoption services. You would instead have to outsource these resources. A law center or facilitator’s main goal is to connect adoptive parents and birth mothers. However, the level of care you will get with an adoption agency in New York is much more valuable.

Choose A Trusted Adoption Agency Today

Adoption Choices of New York is a licensed private adoption agency with your best interests in mind. Our methods in place ensure that your child is placed with a safe, happy home and a family that will love him or her forever. You can trust our agency because it’s our goal to care about you throughout your entire adoption journey and beyond. We’ll provide you with the very best care, connecting you with adoption attorneys, counselors, and support groups that will comfort you during the New York adoption process. If you are a birth mother in New York, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our agency — we’re always here to help!

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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