Do I Get Paid for Adoption?

Since Adoption Choices of New York is a private adoption agency, we are able to provide financial support to birth parents who choose adoption. While you do not get paid for placing your child for adoption, you can receive financial assistance. 

Do I get paid for adoption? No.

Can I get money for giving my baby up for adoption? No.

Do adoption agencies pay birth mothers for pursuing an adoption plan? No.

Known as living expenses and pregnancy related expenses, here is what you can expect (in the form of financial help) when making an adoption plan for your baby:

Living expenses may include:

  • Rent and utilities

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Maternity clothing

  • Phone service

  • And much more

Your adoption counselor will discuss a budget and help determine what you are eligible for. Contact Us 24/7: 800-505-8592 (Phone) | 518-478-8420 | Email 

Do you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption? Do you make money by giving up a child for adoption?

No, you cannot “get paid” for adoption. However, it is always completely free to place your baby for adoption, and you may also be eligible to receive living expenses to help you financially while you’re pregnant.

Do you receive money for adopting a child?

Neither birth parents nor adoptive parents who choose adoption through an adoption agency are paid. In fact, adoption can be a costly process for adoptive families. For birth parents, choosing adoption is always free. 

Do adoption agencies pay birth mothers?

No. There are no adoption agencies that pay you to place a child for adoption. Giving a person money, gifts or favors in exchange for a child is illegal and unethical, which is why women who attempt to get paid for adoption when finding adoptive parents on their own can face such serious legal charges. This is why it’s important to always work with a licensed adoption agency to place your child for adoption.

Who decides how much adoption financial assistance I can receive?

Much of your eligibility will depend on your individual situation. Additionally, the laws of the state in which you live will often regulate how much and what type of assistance you can receive. A court will also usually need to approve the assistance that is paid to a pregnant woman choosing adoption by the adoptive parents. The adoption agency is rarely in control of how much assistance you’re able to receive, although they’ll be the ones to dispense those funds once they’re approved.

What can I use the financial support for?

Costs like medical expenses for your pregnancy, groceries, rent, utilities or help getting to and from doctor’s appointments are the most common uses for adoption financial assistance given to pregnant women. Again, the type of financial assistance you can receive will vary depending on your situation, so your adoption specialist can let you know what your living expenses can and cannot be used for.

What kinds of expenses are not covered by adoption financial assistance for birth mothers?

Most states have a law that says in order for you to receive living expenses, those requested expenses have to be approved by a court as being “reasonable.” That means you can’t use financial support from adoption to purchase luxuries or “unnecessary” items that aren’t needed for you or your family’s day-to-day living. So, for example, a new car would not be considered a “reasonable” expense, but if you needed help with your electric bill, a court will find that within reason.

Why do birth mothers get paid for adoption expenses?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, and it takes tremendous love and courage to make an adoption plan for your baby. Adoption is a selfless gift that you give to your baby and to a waiting family, and it requires significant emotional sacrifices on your part. It shouldn’t also be a financial burden. Adoption financial assistance is meant to help ease the financial challenges of pregnancy so you can have a healthy pregnancy and focus on making the best possible choices for yourself and your baby.

How can I get paid for adoption-related expenses?

Call  800-505-8592 to learn more about the financial assistance for which you may be eligible, or contact us online to request free adoption information.

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