For the past eight months, Adoption Choices of New York has had the honor of having Lisa Truong as an Editorial Intern. Each week, she grew in confidence and improved her creative writing skills. She was always prompt with turning in her assignments and never hesitated to ask questions. Through hard work and dedication, she learned to master the English language and find her voice within blog writing.

Sadly, Lisa’s contract has come to an end, and she has decided to move onto the next season of her life. Adoption Choices greatly appreciates everything she has done for us. She will be greatly missed. Here are her insights into our Editorial Internship, how it impacted her and what her future goals are. We wish her the very best in everything she does!

RR: When did You Start as an Intern, and what Prompted You to Apply for the Internship?

LT: I started as an intern in June of 2019. What prompted me to apply was first because my school required an internship for all journalism students. However, what made me decide to write for Adoption Choices of New York was their mission to provide a safe and comfortable environment for mothers to place their children for adoption and for adoptive families to start. With the world moving towards a more progressive agenda, Adoption Choices of New York and all their hard work are something this country needs.

RR: What Knowledge of Adoption did You have coming into the Internship? How has that Changed/Not Changed?

LT: I knew next to nothing when it came to adoption, or pregnancy for that matter. I’m a bit ashamed to say but I grew up in a family where we stigmatized adoption and birth mothers. So, writing for this internship really opened my eyes to the many stories that birth mothers and adoptive families have to share. I never knew how much was involved in the process of adoption, and I think we need to give birth mothers more credit.

RR: Over the past Six Months, what do You feel You’ve Learned through being an Intern with Adoption Choices?

LT: I have learned so much about the adoption process, like what birth mothers need to do, what prospective adoptive parents need to do, and how to live life afterward for both sides. As for my own writing ability, I learned that I need to be more confident in my writing. I also learned that there are ways to make informational blogs more fun and exciting to read. This will help me when it comes to writing for academia or in my future career.

RR: What was One of the Biggest Challenges You Faced?

LT: The biggest challenge I faced was when it came to more sensitive topics was to make the birth mother feel like it’s not her fault. For any reason. I tried my hardest to include supportive phrases and to remind her that what she’s doing is not selfish. It’s for the future of her child.

RR: What was a Highlight of Your Experience?

LT: My highlight was definitely getting to talk to our writing director, Rachel, along with the other interns from other states. Working remotely can certainly get lonely at times, so I’m grateful for Rachel’s dedication to making sure all the interns felt right at home and communicate everything to us.

RR: What Knowledge/Skills that You Gained with us do You Plan on Applying in the Future?

LT: One of the skills I learned at Adoption Choices that I will be applying to my future is that it’s okay to speak my mind and share my inputs. I am a naturally shy person.So, when it comes to sharing ideas, I am hesitant to say anything, especially towards authority figures. But Rachel has taught me that anything I say matters, and I shouldn’t be afraid to say what I want.

RR: Prior to Beginning Your Job, did the Company give You Adequate Information about Your Project?

LT: Yes, Rachel along with everyone on the team made sure I was up-to-date with all the information I needed in order to start the job.

RR: What would You have liked to Know before Your Internship Started?

LT: There’s really nothing. I knew what to expect going into the internship, so I wasn’t caught off guard by anything.

RR: Did You Accomplish what You Wanted to during Your Internship?

LT: One of my goals going into this internship was to become a better and more versatile writer. Because of the nature of the topics, I was able to accomplish that goal.

RR: Would You Recommend this Internship to a Friend? Why or why not?

LT: Absolutely! I think it’s important for everyone to learn about adoption and pregnancy so that the world can become more accepting. Also, this internship has taught me how to work with a team, editors, and criticisms and suggestions.

RR: What Advice would You Give to help us Improve the Program in the Future?

LT: I think to encourage interns to write in a more relaxed style. To try to incorporate their own voice so not all of the blog posts sound static and similar to one another.

RR: What was the most Helpful Thing Your Supervisor did to make You Feel Comfortable as an Intern?

LT: It’s a simple thing, but she always shared updates on her life and it made me feel more connected to her and to the program as a whole.

RR: Anything You’d like to Ask, Say or Suggest to Your Intern Supervisor?

LT: Thank you for being patient with me as I grew and for always encouraging me to keep trying my best. I will miss you greatly, and I will never forget all the lessons and kind words you gave me.

RR: What is Next for You? 

LT: I will finish my college journey next year, and after that, I hope I can write for a news outlet that I admire, like the Times or the New York Times. The possibility is endless, and I am aiming high, as I should.

We are not shutting down during this difficult time! We are fully devoted and available to all pregnant women and birth parents that are looking at adoption as an option. We will also continue to work with prospective adoptive parents who are already a part of our program. If you are a prospective adoptive parent hoping to apply to our program, we are accepting applications and doing Homestudy now.

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