Many burdens are placed on you during an unplanned pregnancy. Whether it’s staying active and healthy for both your baby and yourself or knowing how to navigate the financial mountains during pregnancy, the load of decisions never stop. However, one of the most important decisions and the one that you need to decide on as soon as possible is choosing the right adoption agency as a birth mother.

Adoption agencies are responsible for support, such as guiding you throughout your unplanned pregnancy journey and matching you with the right family for your baby. They handle all paperwork, any communication between you and prospective adoptive families, and do their best to support your emotional needs. Thus, it is crucial that you choose the right agency that will cater to your specific needs with professionalism and that you feel you can trust.

Every adoption is a one-of-a-kind story. Every person has a history and a future that deserves to be respected. Similarly, every agency has its own philosophy. A proper adoption agency that fits your specific path can be a fantastic stepping stone towards a future your family deserves. Here’s a brief guide on what to look for when choosing the right adoption agency as a birth mother.

The Importance of License

When it comes to something as important as placing your baby for adoption, you cannot just rely on anyone to walk alongside you on this journey. There are differences in processes and procedures in which agencies operate to carry out their services. For example, Adoption Choices of New York does home study assessments, criminal background checks, child abuse and neglect background checks, medical history checks and more to screen prospective adoptive families to assure birth mothers that their children will be well cared for and cherished.

Choosing an agency with the appropriate licensing and professional training can take a load of pressure off you during an unplanned pregnancy. Because every state has its own requirements for adoption agency licensing, things can get confusing. The baseline for all agency staff includes adequate educational background, professional training for dealing with adoption (whether it’s emotional support or administrative work), and confidentiality. We recommend that before you choose an agency, read up on what your state requires from adoption agencies and cross-reference with the services you are looking for.

Is the Agency Reputable?

Every adoption agency has its own philosophy and mission in the same way you have your own set of expectations for how you want your adoption journey to play out. When you begin the search for an adoption agency, it is crucial that you read not only their mission statement, but also what they specialize in, along with any certificates and qualifications. You should also look at how many years they have been working with adoption and read possible stories from adoptive or birth families.

Just because an agency has a lot of qualifications on paper does not mean they will be a good match for you. It all depends on how well they connect with you and make you feel at ease. Agencies have different policies on how birth mothers can receive consultations. Some require birth mothers to schedule an appointment before the meeting while others welcome any curious birth mothers to drop by to talk. Adoption Choices of New York offers a couple of choices for setting up a consultation. You can either call us or have us call you by filling out a form on our website with basic information like your name, the due date and what we can do to help.

Questions to Ask 

The time will come when you begin meeting with adoption specialists from the agencies. When it arrives, you must prepare yourself with some questions in order to understand the culture of the agency and to see if they are the right fit for you. You will also need to ask yourself questions to know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Here are some questions to start:

  • How many successful placements have you had?
  • What sorts of accommodation will I receive?
  • Before the placement, is there any paperwork that I need to complete myself?
  • Will I be working with only one adoption specialist or multiple? And how will we stay in contact?
  • What if I can’t afford to pay for doctor visits?
  • What are the types of adoptions I can choose from?
  • Can I choose the adoptive family for my baby?
  • How do you screen prospective adoptive families?
  • What will happen to me after the placement?
  • How will the communication between me and the adoptive parents work? Will we have to go through the adoption agency?
  • Do I have to pay for the consultation or any of the services?
  • What kind of support group or counseling is available to me before, during, and after the placement?
  • Do I need any special accommodation such as money for utilities or hospital visits?
  • Will I want to stay in contact with my baby and the adoptive family after the placement?
  • Do I need a place to live during or after the placement?
  • Do I need confidentiality with whoever I am working with?
  • Do I want a small or big staff?
  • How close to my house do I want the agency to be located?

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency

We have talked a lot about what to look for in an agency, but you might still be wondering where to even begin. One way is to ask around. You would most likely trust an agency if other people can vouch for it. Another simple way is to do a quick Google check on reputable adoption agencies in your area.

Adoption Choices of New York is a non-profit organization with years of professional experience and training. We will walk on this journey with you and aid you through every decision you make along the way. The Adoption Choices family has agencies in many states, including New York, Colorado, Nevada and Oklahoma. Feel free to reach out to us or have us call you if you have any questions about your future.

Adoption Choices of New York

Over the past seventeen (17) years, Adoption Choices has helped many individuals and couples make adoption plans and complete their families through the miracle of adoption . The adoption agency staff of Adoption Choices of New York has well established relationships with agencies and attorneys across the nation, as well as Adoption Choices agencies in many other states. Adoption Choices’ professional staff are leaders in the adoption community with a genuine commitment to a sensitive, comprehensive, and supportive experience for all involved in the adoption journey. We are dedicated to ensuring that your adoption is processed in a professional, competent and caring manner and would be delighted to answer your questions.

For more information on adoption or if you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Adoption Choices of New York.

Support Adoption Choices

CrowdriseAdoption Choices, Inc. is partnering with Crowdrise, a fundraising website for nonprofits, to help our adoptive parents and birth parents with much needed financial assistance. We understand that expenses keep clients from fulfilling their dreams. Both with birth parents making a plan for adoption, and with adoptive parents growing their family. It is our mission to provide financial assistance through grants and scholarships, awarded annually in November, in honor of National Adoption Month. Funds assist adoptive parents with matching and placements, adoption finalization and helping birth mothers improve their lives through higher education — and much more.

However, we can’t do it alone. Please read up on our programs and donate money where you are able. Your donation will make a huge impact.

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