Choosing Adoption in Your 30’s as a Pregnant Woman

You often see adoption brought up when the expecting mother is in her teens or 20’s. Despite what we see in the media and other parts of society, that is not always the case. Choosing adoption in your 30’s happens more often than you think, and it is just as valid and okay as other adoptions.  

Women in their 30’s may be experiencing multiple things at once. Your 30’s is a known time when your life kicks off. You are advancing in your career, going back to school, or making other active choices for your future. An unexpected pregnancy can be a lot to bear in a lot of complex situations. 

These women in their 30’s could be in grad school, dealing with a career change, financial hardship, unsupportive partner/family, the list goes on and on. The reason is simply that life is hard. No matter your age or the path you choose, life has obstacles. Acknowledging these difficulties can break the stigma of adoption and the women that choose it. It also further supports that choosing adoption in your 30’s is not only okay, but also completely valid and normal. 

Financial Hardship 

Children are a blessing to have, but they can be very expensive. If you are a woman who’s having a hard time financially, you may be worried about providing for your child. 

You may already have a small family that has reached its financial limit. You could be a single mother working to provide the best for your children but cannot bear the responsibility of another. 

Adoption can resolve these future issues. The process will allow you to relieve yourself from some financial responsibility while still giving you the peace of mind that the baby will be taken care of by a loving adoptive family. 

Grad School or Career Changes 

Being an adult does not mean you have everything figured out. Even if you know your path, it is likely to change in the future, and that is normal. Many women in their 30s may be choosing to go back to grad school, make a career in their change, or maybe they are advancing in their career pretty quickly. 

While these are exciting new prospects, life can sometimes throw you a curveball. An unexpected pregnancy is no exception. Although a baby or a child is a wonderful blessing, they can be quite time consuming and financially tiring. 

If the effects of these issues are too costly, it is okay to choose adoption. Adoption leads to your baby being in a happy, healthy home surrounded by people who aim to love and provide for their every need. 

Sudden Life Changes 

As mentioned previously, life is forever changing. Sometimes that means exciting opportunities. Amongst these exciting things, the most unexpected things can occur, like an unplanned pregnancy.

Whether you are studying abroad for school, transitioning into a new part of your life, or traveling on vacation, life happens. There’s no shame in that. 

If you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, take the time to learn more about adoption. It will resolve the issue while also giving you peace of mind. You will know that the baby is safe and loved. 

Unsupportive Partner, Spouse or  Family 

Things can occur in your life at any time, no matter your age. Unfortunately, there are people in this world that are not surrounded by supportive family members. 

This could mean having a child out of marriage, being in a relationship with an abusive partner or spouse, or maybe your relationship just ended. These things happen, but they do not reflect on you as a person. You still have the power as the birth mother to make what you think is the best decision for your baby. 

In the future, you still want to be a part of the baby’s life, you can still do that. Open and semi-open adoption are growing more and more popular as the years go by.

Extreme Circumstances 

There are also other extreme unfortunate circumstances that may make adoption look like the best option for you and the baby. 


Despite being labeled as one of the richest countries in the world, the U.S. still has an alarming number of homeless people in our cities, especially major cities like New York. We often overlook them, but these folks are women, sometimes pregnant women. 

Homelessness is an issue all on its own. It requires that person to try and survive the best they can without having a place to call home. That is extremely difficult if you do not have a roof over your head.

If you as a birth mother are experiencing homelessness or on the brink of homelessness, there are resources out there for you. Please reach out to an adoption agency or professional to get further help and guidance for you and your baby.

Choosing Adoption in Your 30’s 

Choosing adoption as a birth mother in your 30’s does NOT mean that you are a bad person or that you are selfish. People usually picture people in their 30’s as having everything in order, but that’s not how life works. 

Life is full of surprises and hardships. So if you choose adoption, you are doing the exact opposite of being selfish. It means that you know when to ask for help. It means that you understand that life growing inside of you deserves the best. Sometimes life is hard and unfortunate things can really bind you to one spot. 

Adoption ensures the baby’s safety and future when you are uncertain of where life will take you next. No matter your age and where you are in life, an unexpected pregnancy can happen. If you decide to place your child up for adoption that does not mean anything less than that you want the best for the baby. 

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