Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in NY?

By Tyra Watts

Over the years, society has become very inclusive in many ways. One of the most significant progressions of inclusivity is same-sex/LGBTQ+ marriage in the United States and same-sex couple adoption. As the birth mother, you have the right to adoption, and you are more than welcome to choose same-sex/LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or a same-sex couple seeking to adopt, Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, or email us; we are here for you!

How Much Does Adoption Cost in New York?

For starters, placing your baby for adoption is completely free. If you choose adoption, then adoption agencies in New York can provide you with financial assistance. Financial assistance may include rent, food, transportation, and much more.

How Can I Get Started With The Adoption Plan?

If you are considering adoption, you can get started by contacting local adoption agencies in NY. From there, you’ll meet with an adoption specialist, and they’ll assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Then, you have the opportunity to pick an adoptive family (for this article, let’s say you choose a same-sex couple). You can meet the adoptive same-sex couple and get to know them, or just communicate with them through your adoption counselor. Lastly, you choose the type of adoption you want. There are three that you can choose from: open, semi-open, and closed. We’ll touch on this topic later in the FAQ.

What Can I Expect from Adopting Out to Same-Sex Couples?

One expectation that you might have when it comes to adopting out to same-sex couples is that they are just as nervous as you are. When it comes to adoption, it can be a scary experience for both you and the adoptive same-sex couple for many reasons. For one, as the birth mother, you may have doubts, such as whether or not adoption is the right choice. Meanwhile, the adoptive same-sex couple will most likely feel the same, questioning their parental abilities. However, having doubts is normal in the New York adoption process, and New York adoption agencies will ensure that the child is placed in a safe and loving home. 

What Is The Difference Between Same-Sex and Heterosexual Adoption Processes?

Aside from the sexual orientation of both couples, there is no difference between same-sex and heterosexual adoption processes. As the birth mother, if you are adopting out your baby to a same-sex couple, the couple would typically go through the same steps in the adoption process, just like heterosexual couples. 

What Are The Types of Adoption?

As stated earlier in this article, there are three types of adoption that you, the birth mother, can choose from. They are called open, semi-open, and closed. Open adoption is when you know the adoptive parents (in this case, the adoptive same-sex couple). You and the adoptive same-sex couple can exchange information and get to know each other, as well as work together to make sure the child has a loving home. 

A semi-open adoption is where both parties communicate through the adoption agency. It is more so a middle ground between open and closed adoption. Information between you and the adoptive same-sex is limited, but Adoption Choices of New York will make sure everyone involved is informed about the adoption.

Lastly, closed adoption is when the birth parent and the adoptive same-sex couple have no contact with one another. The adoption agency has control of the New York adoption plan. The only form of information that the same-sex adoptive couple will have is the birth mother’s medical history so they can be aware of the child’s health. Other than that, everything is private. 

Am I Able To Meet The Adoptive Same-Sex Couple?

Depending on the type of adoption plan you choose, you may meet the adoptive same-sex couple. For example, if you pick an open adoption plan, you’re more than likely to meet the adoptive same-sex couples, which can be a good thing. Becoming familiarized with the adoptive parents can start a good, long-lasting relationship. On the other hand, if you choose a closed adoption plan, you’ll have significantly less chance to meet the adoptive same-sex couple.

Will I Have Contact With My Child Post Adoption?

As previously stated, it all depends on the type of adoption plan you choose. In an open or semi-open adoption plan, you are allowed to keep tabs on your child. Most adoptive couples allow the birth mother to see their child grow up over the years. If you have trouble getting into contact with your child, we have a resource called ChildConnect, a 24/7 online sharing service where you can connect with your child. 

How Will People View Me If I Choose Adoption?

No matter what you do, there’s always going to be someone out in the world judging you for putting your baby for adoption. As upsetting as that seems, it is important to know that you have the support of the adoption agencies of NY, the same-sex/LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, and your child. We view you as a birth parent putting their child first, making sure that they have a bright and healthy future. The same-sex/LGBTQ+ adoptive parents will most likely view you as someone providing an opportunity to start a family. Lastly, your child might view you as someone who wants what’s best for them. 

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