Can I Have A Family After Putting A Baby Up for Adoption in New York?

Absolutely! Adoption Choices of New York is by your side during and after the adoption process. We support all families wishing to grow with lots of love to give. Having had an unplanned pregnancy or a teenage pregnancy does not mean you cannot someday have a baby of your own. Whether you are reading this right before putting your baby up for adoption or years after knowing that adoption is still an option.

If you gave up one baby at a time in your life when you were a minor or could not raise a baby yourself, but you are now able and ready to raise a child of your own, there is nothing stopping you. Whether you are adopting or pregnant with another baby, there is nothing wrong with loving and caring for that child at this point in your life.

Revisiting Why You Previously Put Your Baby Up For Adoption

Think about your reasoning for why you chose adoption for your child. Then, ask yourself if that reasoning still applies to your life and your ability to raise a child. Your original reasoning may have been related to financial difficulty, your mental health, your support network, or your living situation. If you are financially stable, your mental health is in a good place, and you have a good, stable support network and living situation, your reasoning for needing to put your child up for adoption may no longer apply. With this in mind, so long as you want to have a child in your life, there is no reason you should not be able to support and raise a child of your own.

Pregnant Adoption Options While Already Raising a Family

Some mothers may place one or more children up for adoption because they cannot afford to or are not able to raise them. This is especially true if they are already supporting other children or family members. It is not about choosing one of your children over another. It is about being able to give all of your children a good life. Some people have to make unbearable sacrifices for the good of themselves and their families. Regardless of if you have previously given a child up for adoption, there is nothing saying they cannot still love and care for the children they are raising themselves.

Growing Your Own Family through the New York Adoption Process

If you are unable to physically have another child of your own and still wish to raise and love a child, you could always adopt a child. You gave someone the greatest gift once before. There is no reason you cannot also receive that great gift from someone else who may be in the same position you were once in.

Doubts and Fears After Adopting Out My Baby

If the only thing stopping you from having another child in your life is your own self-doubt and self-criticisms, push those thoughts away. It can be difficult, but know that you deserve to have a family of your own, regardless of the past. The past does not define you or label you as a bad mother. Putting your baby up for adoption was what you felt you had to do at the time you did it. You do not have to defend why you did this because you had your reasoning. Regardless, you need to keep in mind that you did what was best for you and your baby.
In fact, giving your baby up for adoption and finding them a loving family to raise and care for them could be one of the greatest blessings you could ever have bestowed on them. You acted in their best interest at a time when you knew you could not care for them yourself. Acting in their best interest is what a mother does, and just because you did that for one baby does not mean you cannot raise your next baby yourself.

In the end, take a look at yourself in the mirror and really think about how far you have come. You have matured and blossomed and can now bless your next baby with a wonderful mother who is ready to be there for them in all the ways you could not be for your first baby. So long as you try your best to give your child the best life possible, you are doing your job as their mother. If you are not yet at that point, then know that your future is bright and waiting for you, regardless of your past.

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