Adoptions at the Hospital: Last Minute Adoptions in New York

When you’re faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have a lot of options to consider while you’re pregnant. You can parent the child, terminate the pregnancy or choose to place your baby for adoption. If you’ve already ruled out termination, it still may take a while to decide if you want to parent or choose adoption. While your pregnancy has a due date of birth, the adoption process in New York can start before, during or after birth.

Here is some information on how Adoption Choices of New York can help you with a last minute adoption and the steps you should take if you choose adoption at the hospital.

1) Contact Adoption Choices of New York

At our adoption center in New York, we have adoption specialists available 24/7. We will be able to get staff to the hospital within hours to help you with the process. If you are still undecided and need help trying to come to this important decision, you can talk to one of our specialists for that advice, or if you just need someone to be a listening ear while you talk through your decision and the emotions you’re processing during this busy and intense time. We’re here for you.

2) Determine What You Want the Adoption to Look Like

It’s true that the earlier you make the decision to place your baby for adoption, the more time you’ll have to prepare for it. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to choose adoption when you’re at the hospital. The process will just be a little expedited, that’s all. 

While you wait for the Adoption Choices of New York staff to get to the hospital, think about what kind of adoption you’d like to have. How much contact do you want to have with the adoptee and the adoptive parents? This is the main factor that goes into the types of adoption (open, semi-open and closed adoptions). Thinking through these kinds of things will help prepare you to talk with our staff and find the best match for you.

3) Choose Your Child’s Adoptive Parents

Whether you started your adoption process months ago or in the hospital, you can have some choice in the adoptive parents if you want to. Consider what you want your child’s life to look like. What do you hope their adoptive parents would be like? Do you want your child to be raised by a mom and dad, a single parent, an LGBT+ couple or individual? Do you want them to grow up with siblings or pets, or in a household following any specific religious beliefs?

Even though you will still be able to pick the family your child will be placed with via a hospital adoption, you will likely not have as much time to get to know the adoptive family closely before finalizing the adoption. Your choices may be from a smaller pool of prospective adoptive parents as well. But with help from Adoption Choices of New York, we’ll help ensure your child is placed with a family that matches your needs.

4) Take Time at the Hospital to Recover

Childbirth is a lot. When you add on to that all the emotions and feelings of adoption, you’re really going through it! We know you want what’s best for your baby, but also remember that you are important too! Take time at the hospital to rest. Listen to what your body and mind are telling you they need. Spend as much or as little time with your baby as you need. Take care of yourself and your needs. Let your body heal, let your mind heal. Tell people what you need so they can help you heal. You don’t have to do this alone. On that note…

5) Utilize Counseling Services

Using counseling services, either free counseling services offered by Adoption Choices of New York, the hospital’s counseling or other counseling services is one way to help process and heal. Counseling will be crucial to helping you through your adoption journey, now and in the future. Please utilize these services and keep using them throughout the whole process, and for years after if you need it!

6) Finalize the Legal Stuff

Our Adoption Choices of New York staff will help walk you through all the ins and outs of adoption, especially the legal stuff. We have in-house legal counsel that can help walk you through each step and ensure the adoption is done correctly so you don’t have to worry about anything more than taking care of yourself and making the best choices you can for yourself and your child.

Last Minute Adoptions in New York

There are a lot of emotions going through you right now, understandably so! But if there are two things you can take away from this article they’re this: 1) it’s not too late. If you are in the hospital and thinking you cannot provide the life you want for your child and want to place them with a family who is able to provide those things for your child, it is not too late to choose adoption. 2) You are not alone. Adoption Choices of New York is here to help you through the adoption process, no matter when you start it. Our staff, legal counsel and counseling services are available to you to help make and ease this decision. Contact us today.

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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