Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption in New York if I Already Have Kids?

 By Jonathan Tick

When you think of a mother going to adoption agencies in places like NYC, what image pops into your mind?  Many think of women without children who don’t believe they can take care of a child at the moment. You might even ask yourself, “can I give my baby up for adoption in New York if I already have kids?” While this is one of the more common types of women that think about adopting their baby, many, including different people, have also sought adoption from women who already have children.

In fact, it’s more common than you think. As an adoption center with agencies in cities like Albany, Adoption Choices of New York helps out all kinds of women seeking adoption. It may seem unusual for women with children to seek adoption at first. But know that it’s perfectly fine to choose adoption if you think you are unable to raise your baby. So, here’re some ways to approach adoption if you already have children. As well as a few things to watch out for during your adoption process.  

Is the Adoption Process any Different?

Some women may think that the New York adoption process differs when a woman with children is putting their baby up for adoption. But truthfully, the process is no different. Our staff at our adoption agencies in New York will be happy to get you started on your adoption journey. From there, they’ll match you with one of our adoption specialists. The adoption specialist will serve as your guide throughout your adoption plan. In addition, they’ll answer any questions and concerns you may have and walk you through your adoption’s initial paperwork.

With that, you’ll be on your way to your adoption plan. For mothers with children, this part of the adoption journey may be slightly different. Typically, birth mothers receive various kinds of counseling and financial services/aid during their unplanned pregnancy. Of course, as a birth mother partnered with Adoption Choices of New York, this will extend to you. However, because of your unique situation, the services offered may differ depending on how your situation may change and evolve. This may include the need for different kinds of services or counseling that extends out to your family.

What About My Family during the Adoption Process?

Many women in this particular situation may wonder about the situation regarding their existing family and the baby. There’s always the chance that your existing children may be against the adoption from the moment you tell them about it. After all, if they want a new brother or sister, putting the baby up for adoption will get rid of that chance. This scenario is one of the ways an adoption plan can change for women already with children. There are a few ways to combat this.

The first of which is for you to explain to your kids why adoption is the best choice. Explaining to them your reasons for choosing adoption can make a big impact on how they will see it. Children can get frustrated because they don’t understand why something is happening. Talking to them can help get their emotions out before they’re ready to listen and understand your decision. Unknown to many, the choice for adoption can affect the whole family. And getting everyone on the same page is important for the moment everyone will have to say goodbye.  

A different way of approaching this problem is through counseling and similar family counseling services. Adoption Choices of New York has all kinds of different aid to help out with a birth mother’s unique situation. This can be financial and living aid with rent and food expenses. Medical aid with medicines and other procedures to keep the mother and child happy and healthy. And even counseling aid, where both the mother and her family can receive counseling and therapy during the adoption process. Talking to a specialist can also help children air out their grievances so they can process their emotions during the adoption journey. If this approach interests you, talk to your adoption specialist. They’ll be more than happy to try and get the aid and services you need.

Adoption for Any Situation

Our adoption agencies in cities like NYC are here to help and care for any mother seeking adoption. There are many kinds of women who come to our adoption agencies and put their baby up for adoption, including those that decide that their family is just not ready for another child. Those of us here at Adoption Choices of New York believe that every woman has the right to choose and seek adoption for whatever personal reasons they may have.  

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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