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Beginning the adoption process can be overwhelming. The choice is a hard but selfless one that pregnant women make to ensure their child is given the best life available to him or her. Remember, you’re not going through this journey alone. Adoption agencies have a variety of programs and options available to help birth mothers throughout the adoption process. This includes services offered directly from the adoption agency and assistance in applying for state and government run programs too.

Financial Assistance for Birth Mothers 

When birth mothers find themselves financially stretched too thin, adoption agency support can step in and help you apply for financial aid. There are government programs that offer grants and scholarships to birth mothers to help pay for living expenses and cover any pregnancy-related costs that are not medical related. Needing financial support is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need help from time to time, and pregnancy can already be stress-inducing. Providing options of support is one way we look out for the best interests of your child and you. You’re important too, and extra stress isn’t good for anyone!

Receiving financial assistance from Adoption Choices of New York includes applying for Medicaid to ensure you and the baby are covered. If other medical fees add up, the adoptive parents will cover the rest. This is handled by your adoption professional and is pre-disclosed information, so you do not have to worry about the adoptive parents opting out and leaving you with medical bills.

Housing Assistance Throughout Adoption Pregnancy

Housing is extremely important for you and your child. If you’re struggling to find housing or pay rent, partially or fully, there are programs that can help you during your pregnancy. Paying necessary bills to survive, such as rent, utilities and phone service can be covered by government programs, our adoption agency and/or the adoptive parents. Housing situations will vary depending on what is available, but our adoption agency support will do the best to find you a safe and cozy home while you’re pregnant.

Counseling and Post-Placement Support for Adoption

Adoption agency support includes individual counseling and birth mother support groups. It’s beneficial to speak with an adoption professional if you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure or just need to vent. Choosing adoption is not an easy road. Sharing your emotions and thoughts with an adoption counselor can help you work through what you’re feeling in a healthy way. Every birth mother handles the adoption journey differently, but it’s imperative that your mental health is taken care of. Post-placement support is also an option birth mothers can choose to use in order to help them move forward with their lives.

Finding a birth mother support group can be a worthwhile venture for birth mothers too. You’ll be able to speak with other birth mothers and share your experiences. You may find yourself connecting with other women when you had previously felt alone. Choosing adoption takes great strength and selflessness, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. So, finding other women who have gone through the same situation as you can help build a circle of support and trust without fear of judgement. There is a level of understanding between birth mothers on an emotional level that cannot be attained by anyone who hasn’t experienced it themselves. It’s a strong bond between women that can last a lifetime.

Nutritional Needs and Sustenance During Adoption Process 

Eating right is incredibly important as a birth mother. The baby and you need all the right nutrients and vitamins in order to stay healthy. If you suffer from food insecurity, there are programs that can help you with getting proper groceries consistently. State and government programs like SNAP and WIC will provide you with the financial assistance to purchase healthy safe foods to ensure you and your baby are properly fed.

Other Financial Assistance for Choosing Adoption in NY

There are cases where the adoptive parents want to help the birth mother out financially. Not all prospective adoptive parents can provide financial assistance consistently, which is why so much government and state aid is provided. However, some adoptive parents are willing to help pay for pregnancy-related costs that are not covered by medical insurance, such as extra ultrasounds, if needed. These stipulations are brought up early during adoptive parent interviews. If financial assistance from the adoptive parents is something you want to discuss, be sure to bring it up to your adoption professional.

What Kind of Adoption Agency Support do You Need?

Pregnancy and going through the adoption process can put a strain on your mental health, especially when finances or housing situations are questionable. You’re not going through this journey alone, so don’t be afraid to ask about financial and housing assistance. 

If you’re thinking about adoption in the New York area Adoption Choices of New York is a great resource for information on adoption and financial assistance. What kind of adoption agency support do you need or want during your adoption journey? Call us, email us or check out our website listed above for answers to all your questions about the adoption process and agency support provided. 

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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