Matching & Child Placement

After the home study (prospective adoptive parents) and options counseling (expectant parents) are completed, for those wishing to proceed with adoption, Adoption Choices will assist expectant parents in choosing an adoptive family. Adoption Choices will then guide the relationship between all parties to the adoption. Adoption Choices takes pride in tailoring a child placement and matching program specific to your needs. We strive to provide individuals and couples with the highest quality of service. Common Questions About Matching/Child Placement

What are the levels of openness in adoption?With the help of your attorney or agency staff and after careful consideration of the options, you will establish a unique relationship with the amount of openness that is right for your family. Regardless of the relationship you establish during the adoption process, be aware that it may change or shift over time based on the needs of the child, birth, and adoptive family members. In a CLOSED ADOPTION, there is no contact between expectant and prospective adoptive parents, with the exception of the expectant parents’ non-identifying social and medical information being provided to the prospective adoptive parents. In a SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION, expectant and prospective adoptive parents talk and usually meet prior to the birth of the child. First names and cities of residence are typically shared. After placement, communication, such as pictures, texting, phone calls, letters and emails, may occur. In an OPEN ADOPTION, expectant and prospective adoptive parents are in direct contact with one another and share identifying information. The plan for openness is decided and agreed upon by both the expectant and prospective adoptive parents prior to the birth of the child. Contacts can be made without going through an agency or a liaison. Common Questions About Matching/Child Placement

Assisting birth and adoptive parents on this memorable day

Each state has its own regulations and local procedures for the time at the hospital and regarding contact adoptive parents may have with the baby and birth parents during the hospital stay and baby’s discharge. Any arrangements must also be approved by the hospital and expectant/birth parents.

Adoption agencies or attorneys coordinate the transfer of the child back to New York, if born in another state. During this paperwork process, you must remain in the state of the child’s birth. The process typically takes up to 10 business days.

Common Questions About Matching/Child Placement

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