8 Types of People You Need on Your Adoption Team in New York

Your adoption journey can be tough, but you’ll get through it with a good team: an adoption team! Think of it as all the Avengers coming together to help you have a stress-free adoption experience, but instead of Captain America, it’s all your closest friends and family, and some health experts, too. Your adoption team’s goal is to make sure you’re happy and healthy while you make some tough life decisions for you and your baby’s future. 

At Adoption Choices of New York, we want to make sure you’re prepared with all the people who will help you. Before you embark on your adoption journey, don’t forget to bring these incredibly important types of people you need on your adoption team, titled in the style of Friends’ episodes.

  • The One Who has Your Back (Legally Speaking)

Every birth mother who goes through an adoption journey needs a great adoption attorney! Your adoption attorney will fight for you and have your back every step of the process, ensuring you understand every document you sign and that everything is done correctly.  

  • The Ones Who Trained for This 

Your adoption specialists and medical healthcare providers — aka your doctors, adoption caseworker and adoption counselor — are here to take care of you every step of the way. They’re here to make sure your child is placed with the best adoptive family for you and your child. Your adoption specialist has trained for this. He or she knows all the ins and outs of the adoption process and will put their expertise into action to ensure that you have a smooth and supportive  adoption process. Their job also includes connecting you with plenty of other types of people you need on your adoption team.

  • The One Who is Your Rock

No, not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, unless you guys are already friendly, in which case he may just be your rock! Everyone needs that one person they can rely on when times are tough, who is able to hear them out and always understands. They’re always there to help when you need it. This person is consistent and reliable, and will always be there for you. The Rock isn’t your therapist: you wouldn’t want to overburden this person, but The Rock can be a great help if you ever need anything. 

  • The One Who Supports Your Mental Health 

Mental health is often neglected for physical health, but in truth, they’re both interconnected and very important during your adoption journey. The adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of New York will connect you with an incredible adoption counselor who is trained to understand what you’re going through as a birth mom. He or she will be more than willing to hear your specific concerns, fears, and hopes and can help you manage stress during your pregnancy. 

  • The Ones Who Have Been Here Before

You’re never alone. Especially not knowing that there are people who have been here before, who have gotten through their adoption journeys in one piece and know they’ve made the right decision. You’ll also need people who are currently going through the same situation you are. Not only will Adoption Choices of New York connect you with an adoption counselor, we can also connect you with a support group of women who are currently going through adoption. You can share thoughts you’ve previously felt alone in and see that you were never alone in the first place. 

There’s also fantastic non profit organizations, such as the On Your Feet organization, that can connect you with other women who are going through or have been through adoption. 

  • The Ones Who will Adopt Your Child

An essential group of people in the adoption process is the adoptive family! These are people that you’ll select yourself through our agency. This family will be exactly (or close) what you’ve envisioned for your child. Whether you want a relationship with them or not, they will care for and love your child as their own. 

  • You 

Last but absolutely not least, you! Out of all the types of people you need on your adoption team, you need yourself the most. Your adoption journey can be difficult, but you can do it. During your adoption journey, don’t forget to take care of yourself. It can be so easy to worry about everyone else, but we think you’re incredibly important! Don’t forget to utilize your network of friends, family, and adoption specialists during your adoptive journey. Your adoptive family and we at Adoption Choices of New York are here to support you financially during your adoption journey: your job is to take care of you and your baby. 

Your Adoption Team in New York

You and your child should never have to go through your adoption journey alone. With your adoption team, you’ll always feel taken care of, supported, and loved by your friends and family. You deserve this kind of support during your pregnancy. At Adoption Choices of New York, we will do our part to provide you with amazing teammates to carry you through the adoption process. 

Adoption Choices of New York is available to assist with your adoption plan. Call us, text us, email us; we are here for you!
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She enjoys sharing vital information about adoption and birth mothers choosing adoption to families making important choices for their future family! 

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