6 Wonderful Ways for Birth Mothers to Celebrate National Adoption Month

The month of November marks National Adoption Month. The purpose of this month is to promote awareness and education about adoption. This month is also a time to learn how to support kids without a place to call home, future adoptive parents, and birth mothers. 

As a birth mother, there are a few ways for you to celebrate and honor this month as you educate yourself and make the best decision for you and your baby. Learning about adoption is the best way to feel empowered by your choice. Not only will knowing what to expect can make it easier for you to decide, but it will also dispel negative stigmas about adoption and birth mothers.

To learn more about the history and purpose of National Adoption Month, give this article a read.

Ways for Birth Mothers to Celebrate National Adoption Month 

  1. Educate Yourself about Adoption

If you are a first-time birth mother considering adoption, take some time to attend an adoption seminar. These events can educate and provide resources for you. They can also  show you how the adoption process works, what to expect and how  to make the best decision for you and your baby. 

  1. Connect with Your Child 

If you are a birth mother and your child is living with his or her adoptive family currently, write your child a letter to keep a close connection. Once your child knows he or she is adopted, they will have multiple questions. Questions that probably only you can answer. They will have a natural curiosity about you and who you are as a person. How you both are the same and different. It can be an exciting process. 

Keeping in contact and remaining active in your child’s life can prevent them from feeling abandoned in the future. They will grow up feeling loved and supported by multiple people — from you and their adoptive family.

  1. Put Together a Family Dinner with Your Adoption Triad

National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving share the same month, making it the perfect time to connect or reconnect with your child and their adoptive family. If it is convenient and safe to do so, arrange a time to go out for dinner with your child and their adoptive family. This will allow you to get to know your child on a deeper level and strengthen the bond you have with each other. 

Maintaining a strong bond with your child’s adoptive family also promotes a harmonious and calm environment for your child as they grow up. A friendly atmosphere further ensures that your child will grow up happy and healthy well into adulthood. 

  1. Meet with Your Child and Their Adoptive Family over ZOOM

With the help of technology, connecting with your child and their adoptive family is easier than ever before. The pandemic is still ongoing, but you can always virtually visit your child and their adoptive family over ZOOM. This tip could be extended to family dinners, holidays dinners, or other special events, like birthdays, Christmas, or graduations. You can even get creative and use ZOOM just to spend time together — like a movie night, bedtime stories, or just a simple chat. 

  1. Break Down Stigmas with Your Child 

Placing your child for adoption is a very serious decision. There are a lot of undeserving stigmas surrounding birth mothers that make this choice even tougher. Yet, National Adoption Month provides the best time to educate your child in terms of how they were adopted and why you made the choice you did. 

Confronting these questions and issues earlier on will lead them to have a stronger sense of self. As they grow up and develop into adulthood, they will not be ashamed. All questions will be answered. Your child will grow up knowing, without a doubt, that they were loved and cared for by you, their birth mother.

  1. Recognize Adoption Professionals 

Now is the time to spread some love to adoption specialists, attorneys, caseworkers, and other adoption professionals that make the adoption process possible. They work hard to ensure that your child is placed in a home that fits them best. These professionals advocate for the safety of your child, and are also working to ease your worries to help you make the best choice for you and your baby. 

Through our adoption agency in New York, our specialized staff have your best interest at heart, as well as your baby’s. If you have worked with our agency before or are currently working with us and want to express your thanks, you can send us a thank you card or tell us thank you in person or virtually. 

Ways for Birth Mothers to Celebrate National Adoption Month

Adoption is a valid and beautiful option. Learning more about adoption could lead to a lot more birth mothers making this choice with confidence. 

If you have any questions, please reach out further to Adoption Choices of New York for more  information. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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