Reading to your child can instill a lifelong love of reading. Through stories, children can better understand themselves and the world around them. The following books are specifically recommended for adopted children:

Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children by: Rob Williams and Sherrie Eldridge

This fun and heartwarming story for children ages five to 11, centers around Lucie, an adopted daughter, who is inquisitive, rambunctious, and loveable. When her pregnant aunt visits, Lucie wonders about her birth and what became of her birth parents. Her father helps her make an amazing discovery and tells her how to find a special connection with her birth parents. The book offers a gentle exploration of feelings common to adopted children. Eldridge, an adoption expert, provides a “Parent Tools and Activities” section to help parents and their adopted children engage with issues such as self-esteem and identity.

Wonderful You: An Adoption Story by: Lauren McLaughlin and Meilo

A lyrical story that tells of a baby’s move from the care of her birth mother to the arms of her adoptive parents. The poem respects the birth mother’s choice to place her child with a loving family after her tender search for the perfect adoptive parents. Publishers Weekly reports the book delivers, “…ethereal visions of family life. Parents and daughter literally float through a life of snowy scenes, swing sets, and seashores…their radiant, almost musical joy speaks to…the poignancy of emotional truths.” This book is appropriate for children ages three to seven.

The Mulberry Bird: Story of an Adoption by: Anne Braff Brodzinsky

This fantasy book explores adoption in a new sense; it’s about a mother who is not able to come for her baby bird. Exploring the facts about the natural lives of birds as well as adoption, this book hits home.  When the mother bird decides to let her baby bird be adopted, the story shifts to the baby’s life with his new family and the adjustment process. Amazon reports the book, “is a timeless and enduring tale of sacrifice, wisdom, and love.” It is an easy and enjoyable read-to-me story for younger children.

I Promise I’ll Find You by: Heather Ward

While this book is not directly adoption-related, it is especially good for children who may need reassurance that they now have a parent who would go to the ends of the earth to find them if ever they were apart. Sheila McGraw’s imaginative illustrations show a devoted mother and an amusing dog searching the world for a lost child. The book is for children ages 4 and up, or until they become more interested in chapter books.

Greenglass House by: Kate Milford

This is the story of the innkeepers’ adopted son, 12-year-old Milo, who finds the house filling with odd, secretive guests. They each relate a strange story that is connected with the old house. Strange things happen, and Milo must decipher clues and solve mysteries to discover the truth about the house and himself. This book is ideal for children in grades five to seven. It was a New York Times bestseller, a National Book Award nominee, and won the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, so pretty much it’s a must-read for children.

Pieces of Me, Who do I Want to Be  by: Robert L. Ballard

This is a collection of stories, poems, art, music, quotes, activities, provocative questions, and more for the young adopted person who yearns to discover his or her story, but does not know where to begin. The contributors from ages 11 to 63 speak authentically about what it means to them to be adopted.

Your child’s bookshelf should contain titles that entertain and inform them, help them dream and imagine, and help them understand themselves and their family. Include books that are easy to read and books that challenge them. Remember that adoption is one facet of their lives, a piece of their personal puzzle. Include at least one adoption related book in rotation, especially early on. The books mentioned are available from Amazon. Your public or school librarian can likely recommend others and we also recommend Tapestry Books for literature for you and your child on adoption.


Once you’ve gone through the adoption process, you understand what it takes to not only adopt a baby, but also to place a child for adoption. Adoption Choices has started a fund and donation center called Tomorrow’s Hope to help struggling birth parents, adoptive families with adoption fees, and even the children of adoption. Please help us make the lives of all these people a little bit better by donating to the Adoption Choices Tomorrow’s Hope Fund! Together we are all stronger.

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We are not shutting down during this difficult time! We are fully devoted and available to all pregnant women and birth parents that are looking at adoption as an option. We will also continue to work with prospective adoptive parents who are already a part of our program. If you are a prospective adoptive parent hoping to apply to our program, we are accepting applications and doing Homestudy now.

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