6 Different Types of Adoptive Families in New York

The great thing about adoption is that anyone can become a parent. All different types of people come to adoption for different reasons, but at the heart of it, they want to parent. They want to create a family they may not otherwise be able to have. Additionally, they want to love, care for and support your child and give him or her the best life possible. No matter how they came to their decision to grow their family through adoption, adoptive parents are to welcome a new child into their hearts and homes. 

Adoptive families come in all shapes and sizes — from young to old and single to married, etc. At Adoption Choices of New York, we accept every kind of adoptive family there is. As choosing the adoptive parent you want to raise your child, we’ve created this resource with six types of adoptive families to help you in your decision-making.

  • Young Adoptive Families 

When you picture an adoptive family, the first thing you might see is a younger couple or individual looking to start a family. Perhaps this is their first child. Perhaps it’s their second or third. Yet, with young adoptive parents, you see people who have come to adoption to start a family and enter a new chapter of their lives. Some may choose adoption after struggles with infertility, but adoption is a top choice for young adoptive families outside of that as well. 

Younger types of adoptive families are common, but they’re not the only ones. 

  • Older Adoptive Families

Sometimes, older adults will choose to adopt, starting or expanding their family at a later age. Some are “empty nesters.” In other words, they are used to having children in the house, yet their children are all grown and moved out. Older adoptive adults who adopt might have never had children before, but know it’s never too late. They may have previously thought children or adoption weren’t right for them, but have since had a change of heart. They may have also been waiting until they were in a more financial and stable place in their lives before starting their family.

  • Adoptive Families Who have Biological Children

Not all adoptive families are just starting out having children. Many adoptive families have biological children already, but have always dreamt of adoption. Some people have had complicated birth experiences and choose to go the adoption route, while others may have difficulty having biological children. Adoption is a good route for these adoptive families with love in their hearts to care for more children. 

  • Single Adoptive Families

Some people wait a long time to have a family. Single fathers or mothers who adopt are ready to raise children, but they realize that they don’t need to wait for a partner or spouse to do that. Single parents can do amazing jobs on their own. Besides, there are plenty of ways to have support if a single adoptive parent needs it, be that through other family, close friends or adoptive parent support groups. 

  • LGBT+ Adoptive Families 

LGBT+ adoptive families have parents from the LGBT+ community who adopt and raise children. For many LGBT+ adoptive couples or individuals, adoption is their first choice in starting a family. These are people who really want to raise children and have not always been afforded the right to adopt. LGBT+ adoptive families are just like any other adoptive family, with the added possibility of being a two-mom or two-dad home.  

  • Multiracial or Transracial Adoptive Families

Multiracial and transracial adoptive families are becoming more common as we erase the stigma around transracial relationships. Parents from various races, ethnicities and cultures can do a fantastic job raising children, even if there is no biological relation. They can also teach the child to be more respectful and accepting of others’ differences. Adoptive parents are parents, no matter what. 

What Types of Adoptive Families are You Looking for?

When you imagine an adoptive family, any one family might come to mind. But adoption is a great option for many people, so naturally, there are many kinds of adoptive families and each of them is valid. All adoptive parents approach adoption from a place of love and a strong desire to parent. At Adoption Choices of New York, we are proud to pair every adoptee with an amazing adoptive family. 

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