5 Benefits of Semi – Open Adoption in New York

It can be difficult to know what adoption plan will work out best for yourself and your unborn child. If you’re considering semi-open adoption but are still unsure of what it entails, reach out to us at Adoption Choices of New York! We are here to answer your questions, address concerns, and offer guidance to both expectant women and birth mothers. Having more information on all fronts can help you decide which option will ultimately fit the best. 

Semi-open adoption is a nice middle ground. There are hard set boundaries decided upon by you, the birth mother, before an adoptive family is chosen. With these set lines there is still communication proctored by a third party. In most cases this is done by the NY adoption agency but some families choose to use a lawyer as well. In semi-open adoption there is never any face-to-face time between you and your child but updates and pictures are sent.

1. Communication with Your Child
One of the benefits of semi-open adoptionis that there will be consistent forms of communication between yourself and the adoptive family. Choosing how you would like to communicate is going to be completely up to you once you’ve decided you want to place your child for adoption. All of the guidelines and expectations will be drawn out in your adoption plan.

The adoptive family you choose will be aware of what you’d like regarding the frequency and type of communication about your child’s life. Many prospective adoptive families begin their journey knowing there will be some form of openness in the adoption. You will be matched with an adoptive family that is willing and happy to participate in a semi-open adoption plan.

As your child ages he or she may want to start writing letters to you directly to include you in their life beyond what their adoptive family sends. This, of course, will need to be accepted by both parties. This is something that can be put into your adoption plan so that when the time arises there will already be a defined method of communication between yourself and your child.

2. Privacy for both You and the Adoptive Family
Semi-open adoptions create a boundary between you as the birth mother and the adoptive family as parents. A third party handling communication from the adoptive family to you allows both parties to keep a degree of privacy. Letters, pictures, or anything else agreed upon is not exchanged face-to-face. The adoptive parents give the items to the third party and the third party will hand them over to you.

Even with a privacy screen in place you are still able to see and know what is going on in your child’s life. This is a great way to ease any apprehension that may come along in the first few months or years after placement. Some women find it is much easier to move forward with life knowing that their child is living in a healthy happy home full of love and care. All birth mothers are mothers at heart, and for some women the letters and pictures are the perfect amount of communication.

3. Rounded Sense of Identity for Your Child
There are a few benefits of semi-open adoptionthat will directly impact your child in a positive light. When your child gets older, having the ability to ask certain questions about their adoption story will give them a complete picture regarding their identity. Communication, even through a third party, can help stomp out feelings of abandonment because they are able to communicate with you on a consistent basis. Framing adoption with confidence and love at an early age is beneficial to your child’s perception of themselves as individuals.

4. Medical Information Readily Available
Having extensive medical information or consistent access to it can be extremely important. Disclosing medical information is a part of the adoption process but it is only about you and the father. Doing a deep dive is not typical but if the need arises the adoptive family is able to reach out via the third party and ask any questions needed. If something comes up after the child reaches school age such as a learning disability you will be able to give the adoptive family information regarding any family history that may be involved in the child’s possible diagnosis.

5. Defined Parental Roles
In semi-open adoption the roles are clearly defined in black and white. Communication between yourself and your child as their birth mother is evident from the start. When your child becomes old enough to understand the relationship there will be a transparent division of the adoptive family as parents and you are the birth mother. Beginning communication at an early age can make it easier for the child to understand and allow them to become comfortable with the dynamic.

Semi-Open Adoptions has Benefits for Everyone in NY

The adoption journey looks different for everyone. Each birth mother, adoptive family, and child are unique with various situations and factors that aid in the decision making. Are you pregnant adoption questions still unanswered? Contact Adoption Choices of New Yorkfor any questions you may have whether you’re still deciding or want to begin your semi-open adoption process right away.

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