5 Beneficial Tips for Self-Care during the Adoption Process for Pregnant Women in New York

The adoption process isn’t just about the baby. You’re just as important, and your needs should be met with equal attention and care! Self care during the adoption process, both mental and physical, will positively benefit both you and the baby. Traveling through your adoption journey can be mentally exhausting. Making a detailed adoption plan, prospective adoptive parent interviews and much more can easily lead to mental burn out. And, the physical changes your body is going through is a lot to handle on top of everything else.

1. Mental Health Services with Adoption

Many adoption agencies in New York, such as Adoption Choices of New York, help with providing access to mental health services while you’re going through the process of putting your child up for adoption. We are your friends in adoption! Talking to mental health professionals is one of the best ways to learn how to deal with all of the emotions and feelings that come in tow with adoption. You may not be aware that you’re withholding feelings from yourself, or disallowing those to come to the forefront, in order to remain “strong.”

In truth, dealing with the feelings you’re experiencing takes more mental strength than it does to ignore them. Ignoring or pushing down these mild to extreme emotions can be detrimental in the end — to both your mental health and your outlook on your child’s adoption story. These feelings won’t go away after placement, either. Learning to handle them healthily now will help you move forward once your child is with his or her adoptive family.

2. Take a Break during the Adoption Process

One of the best tips for self care during the adoption process for pregnant women in New York is to do nothing! Sit down and relax. Watch your favorite shows. Take a long, warm bath — especially if you’re pregnant during the cold winter months. Take a nap. Read a book not related to pregnancy or pick up an old relaxing hobby. 

With the way our world operates today, there is constant pressure to always be doing something productive, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing for a day just to recoup. We’re human, not machines. Being pregnant is exhausting in itself without having to keep up with life’s normal routine. Taking a break from the adoption process allows you to rest mentally and physically, which is great for both you and the baby.

3. Free-write a Letter during the Adoption Process to Your Future Self

There are moments where you feel strong enough to take on anything, and then there are moments where everything is too much. The emotional roller coaster that can happen during the adoption process displays itself in everyone differently. During your moments of strength, writing a letter to your future self to read during a low point is a way to set up a positive pillar to hold onto later. Remind yourself of how you’re feeling right at that moment and that, despite whatever negative feelings are going on, you are still a strong woman who did the best for your child and you deserve the same happiness.

4. Buy Something for Yourself during the Adoption Process

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, as long as it’s something you want just for you. During the adoption process, the focus is on both yourself and the baby as a whole unit. But you’re still a person separate from your child. Reminding yourself that you, as an individual, matter is important for your mental health. Purchase something that you’ll enjoy, one time use or not, without feeling guilty for wanting something only for yourself.

Or, if you want something shared between just you and the baby, you can buy something special to commemorate the relationship with your child. Some birth mothers pick out a small baby-related item like a pacifier or stuffed animal to keep as a memento once the child is placed with the adoptive family. This is something only you will know the meaning of and can serve as a positive reminder of your baby’s adoption story.

5. Do a Mindless, Low Energy Activity during the Adoption Process

During the adoption process, birth mothers make a lot of decisions. Doing something that takes zero mental effort is a great way to let your brain just relax and destress. Adult coloring books are a great affordable way to just zone out and chill. A simple puzzle is another relaxing activity that keeps you focused on something with a rewarding outcome once completed.

Tips for Self-Care during the Adoption Process

Being pregnant and going through the adoption process is a lot to handle for one person. There are resources provided by your adoption professional and through state funding that are available to help you stay in the best shape possible mentally and physically. These tips for self-care during the adoption process for pregnant women in New York can be stretched out to all pregnant women going through their own adoption journeys. Your mental and physical health are important before, during and after pregnancy. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it or take a break if you’re burnt out!

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