Adoption in New York: Understanding Adoption as a Birth Mother

If you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, understanding your options as a birth mother in New York can be difficult. We live in the age of the internet, and even though the tons of information we have at our fingertips is often helpful — sometimes it feels like too much. At Adoption Choices of New York, we have decided to put together a starter guide to help you understand some of the basics of adoption in New York.

What is Adoption?

Adoption can look different depending on your circumstances. Yet, for the purposes of this resource, we will be speaking directly to pregnant women considering adoption. That said, before we dive in deeper, we want to give you insight into what exactly adoption is. So, put simply, adoption is when you relinquish your parental rights to an adoptive family who is looking to add a child to their home.

Although many people think that giving a child up for adoption is selfish, or it means you are “giving up” — this could not be further from the truth. There are many valid reasons to seek adoption, and the circumstances are different for every woman. If you are looking to possibly give your child up for adoption in New York, don’t let others shame you or your choices. In the end, only you can decide what is best for you: Whether that is raising your child, terminating the pregnancy, or choosing adoption.

Benefits of Adoption for Birth Mother

Although adoption isn’t right for everyone, for some pregnant women it is the best option available to them. Here are a few potential benefits of giving your child up for adoption.

  • You won’t Have to Take on a Responsibility You’re Not Prepared For

Raising a child is a big commitment, one that many pregnant women are not ready to take on. Not only will you need to dedicate a lot of financial resources to your child, but you will need to devote time and emotional energy as well. Many women are not ready, or able, to take on the responsibility of taking care of an infant.

  • You will be Able to Pursue Your Education and Career Goals More Easily

Many women are able to balance their family and professional life successfully — but, sometimes, with an unexpected pregnancy, it can get a bit tricky. If you are a woman who has always dreamed of graduating with a degree or climbing up the career ladder, and you think raising a baby may interfere with those goals — adoption is an option you could consider.

  • You Don’t have to Put Your Plans on Hold

Sometimes women are not ready to be parents because of their personal circumstances — or maybe they never wanted to be a parent at all. Although we don’t know your personal situation, we understand that sometimes it just isn’t the right time to raise a baby. If you think you would regret parenting a child at this point in your life, you may want to speak with an adoption counselor to learn about possible avenues you could take.

Benefits of Adoption for the Child

Many people think that babies who join adopted families are at a disadvantage, but this is simply not true. If you feel like you cannot care for a baby or you don’t have access to the proper resources or support: Adoption is a great way to give your child a good life. Waiting families are prepared for the responsibility of raising a child and are looking for a new addition to their household. 

Placing your baby up for adoption doesn’t make you selfish or a bad person. It just means you recognize you are not able to raise your child and that you want to give them a better life.

How Do I Begin the Adoption Process?

Adoption is unique to every woman going through it, and we are here to help you learn what is best for you. Trying to figure out where to start your adoption journey can be stressful, but we can give you a few pointers to help you get started.

  • Figure Out if Adoption is Right for You

Before you go any further in the NY adoption process, it is important to decide whether adoption is something you would seriously consider. Here are a few examples of questions you could ask yourself to get started.

  • Are you in the financial and emotional place to raise a child?
  • Do you have a support system in place to help you take care of an infant? 
  • What would the pros and cons of adoption be for you?
  • Are you prepared to relinquish your parental rights?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg to figuring out if adoption is right for you. Self reflection is a huge part of adoption, and it is important that you think about your decision carefully.

  • Research Your Options

Adoption is a highly personal journey, and it looks different for every pregnant woman. You may want to have a very private adoption where you have no contact with your adoptive family, or you may want to take a very active role in choosing what family your child will go to. You should also consider what kind of relationship you want to have with your child and their adoptive family after the adoption is finalized.

Many of these choices are determined by whether you want an open, semi-open or closed adoption. Researching about adoption can help you understand what kind of adoption would work best for you.

  • Let Us Help You Set Up Your Adoption Plan

Setting up an adoption plan can be tricky, but it’ll help you throughout your adoption journey. If you contact us, we can help empower you to make these decisions, and we can set you up with an expert to discuss any questions you may have.

What You can do to Learn More about Adoption in New York

In the end, only you can decide if the benefits of giving your child up for adoption outweigh any potential cons and if it is the path you want to take. If you have decided adoption might be the right choice for you, feel free to learn more from our birth mother blog and other resources available to you.

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