​​Who Will Adopt My Baby in New York?

Adoption Choices of New York are here to support you and the choice of your baby’s family. The adoption process in NY includes showing you many possible people who could adopt your baby, but all will love them like their own and raise your child as the precious gift they are. Now you might be asking yourself Who will adopt your baby in New York? 

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: NY Parents

Adoption Choices of New York does not discriminate and is open to all parents seeking adoption, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or marital status. While you have the final say about who adopts your baby, prospective parents could include single parents, parents of differing ages, and heterosexual couples, homosexual couples.

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: Single Parents

Your child could possibly be adopted by a single parent through your New York adoption agency. If you are worried they will not give your child all the love that a family with two parents can, you need not be worried. As a child from a single-parent household myself, I can tell you that I never grew up wanting love, care, or attention. I was raised by a single mother, and I can tell you that she was there for all of my recitals, my ceremonies, even the day-to-day things such as helping me with my math homework. While the choice is ultimately yours, a single parent will not leave your child wanting and can administer the same love a family with two parental figures can.

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: Heterosexual and Homosexual Couples

Your baby could be adopted by a traditional, nuclear family with a mother and a father and still give all the care and attention your baby needs. Otherwise, your child could be raised by a family with two moms, or two dads, or even transgender parents, but your child will always be raised in a good home with lots of love. This is why Adoption Choices of New York does not discriminate against any and all prospective parents. We understand that all parents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, will give the love and care you most want your child to receive.

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: Religious and Non-Religious Couples

Whether the family you choose is religious or not is also your choice. If you wish for your baby’s family to instill certain values found in a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or agnostic household, you can choose a family reflecting these values or be able to pass on these teachings to your baby. If you would like someone who will not use any religious values or methodology in the raising of your baby, you can choose a family who may be atheist or agnostic. Regardless of religious or spiritual background, you can interview prospective families to be sure they will instill the morals and values you most want your child to be raised with and develop.

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: The Couples’ Race or Ethnicity

The adoption process in New York allows anyone to apply to be a prospective parent, which is why prospective parents whose profiles you may see could be of any race or ethnicity. It doesn’t matter if your baby is of a certain race and the prospective parents are of a different or similar one. Your child will be loved by whoever you choose. Adoption Choices of New York does not discriminate in finding the perfect family for your child and will be there to support you in this endeavor.

If you choose a family with a certain cultural background or heritage you want your child to be raised in, we can help you find prospective adoptive parents in line with your aspirations for your child. If you want your child to grow up in a family much like your own so they can take pride in learning about their heritage, we can help find the right family for you. For instance, if you come from a proud Latinx or Italian-American, or Native American family and wish for your child to grow up in a similar environment, we can help you to find that family.

  • Pregnant Adoption Option: Parental Ability

Adoptive parents could have different abilities than you or your baby. For example, one or both parents could be partially or fully blind, deaf, hard of hearing, neurodivergent, neurotypical, on the autism spectrum, or have mobility issues. However, ability aside, they will still love and take care of your child as yourself or any other non-differently able individual.

Loving Adoptive Families Who Will Care for Your Baby

The families who could adopt your baby could be married, single, heterosexual, homosexual, religious, agnostic, atheist, different or similar races or ethnicities, or even differently-abled than you or your child. There are many possibilities of who could adopt your baby, but in the end, your baby will be adopted by someone you choose, who will love your baby just as much as you do. Adoption Choices of New York will be by your side to help you if you are pregnant and in need of help and placing your baby for adoption. We are here to support you through this adoption process and whomever you choose to raise your child.

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CarlyMeet the author: Carly is a recent graduate of Connecticut College with a dual degree in Psychology and Italian Studies. Graduating Cum Laude with honors in both Psychology and Italian departments, Carly has a background in gender-related research through the Connecticut College Psychology Department and Honors Theses Program. When not trying to figure out life or working, Carly is reading historical fiction novels or playing with her black cat, Isabelle.

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