How Does Adoption Work?

Exactly how does adoption work? Here’s our adoption timeline:

1. Considering adoption.

New York residents may do either type of adoption. Adoption Choices of New York can assist you in making this decision. Your choice will determine which services Adoption Choices of New York provides and the fees involved.

2. Adoption Homestudy

Completion of an Adoption Choices of New York Homestudy or review of the Homestudy completed by another agency or private social worker. Do not begin a homestudy with a private social worker or other agency until you speak to Adoption Choices of New York. If a non-Adoption Choices Homestudy, clearances and other documents will need to be completed.

3. New York Court Certification (Recommended).

This is a legal process through your local Family or Surrogates court. Adoption Choices of New York can recommend a New York adoption attorney to assist in the process, if you do not yet have one.

4. Networking

Families typically locate an expectant parent or a child through word of mouth, the Internet, or hard-copy networking. Families wishing to use Adoption Choices of Nevada or Colorado as their placement agency to help lcate an infant for adoption are required to create their Adoption Profile Book and website as they work through their family marketing program. Families seeking Homestudy only services, may choose to work with other resources (but not an adoption facilitator) to locate an expectant parent or child.

5. Relationship of Expectant and Prospective Adoptive Parents

With the help of your attorney or agency staff, and after careful consideration of the options, you will establish a unique relationship with the amount of openness that is right for your family. This relationship may shift based on the needs of the child as they grow and those of expectant/birth and adoptive family members.

6. Birth and Placement

Whether or not you are present for the birth of your child, in most instances, an infant is placed with the adopting parents upon discharge from the hospital.

7. Interstate Placement on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

Located in every state, this administrative office reviews the adoption process and provides approval for you to return to New York with your child. You are required to remain in the state of your child’s birth until you receive approval from that state and New York, which typically takes 10 business days.

8. Post Placement Supervision

Interviews and home visits with all family members assess a family’s adjustment after placement. The reports are provided to attorneys, agencies, state offices (ICPC) and the court for finalization. The duration and number of visits varies from state to state.

9. Finalization

A court process which legalizes the parent/child relationship. Your adoption agency or attorney will inform you if you will finalize the adoption in New York or the state in which your child was born. After the adoption decree is entered into the court record, a new birth certificate is issued with your names replacing those of the birth parents.

10. Lifecycle – Parenting

While the legal adoption process ends with the finalization, the complexities of being an adoptive family continue. While most days you will be dealing with normal parenting issues, issues may arise in the coming years. For those who have completed a Homestudy or Post Placement Supervisory Visit with Adoption Choices, resources and referrals are available throughout the years to come.

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